PHOTOS: ‘I Am a Muslim Too’ Rally Over Trump Travel Ban


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American Muslims will have to suffer a long time, but this suffering is part of the struggle. Each Muslim is connected to the revival. They do not need to ‘crawl over ice’ to feel it. But it will conclude. There will be a signing of a treaty between Israel and Palestine, to return East Jerusalem, and then Black Flags will fly at the walls. How can this be true? So many things come true in the Holy Quran. All you need to do is read it. Christian polytheists who are not acquainted should search online for this prophecy. It will lift their spirits and give them peace!


You can’t be a moooslim and an American if you call yourself such you are following your koran and your lying through your teeth as your lying disgusting theology teaches. Take your satanic theology back to the hell hole of the middle east and rot with it there. It has no place in America and it never will. America is for the free not those that wish to enslave, kill, and hate as your koran teaches all that don’t follow it must die it is a sick sand turd blot on humanity.


Turn over your Isis Muslim leaders !
They have threatened the United States and threaten the American people.
They have cut off the heads of Christian, Jews, Catholics ; and now you claim that you stand with your Muslim Brothers,that want to destroy America !
You hold signs up and claim that America is being unfair, But !
Yet you see no wrong ,in their violence towards America and its people.
With your protest you also claim you do not like American values ,or the American way of life.
You stand with the Isis Muslim Fighters as you stand on American soil and claiming to be a American citizens.
How dare you ! stand against the president of the United States !!!
You are hypocrites !
You are here under false pretenses !
You claim to seek Asylum !
You claim to see protection !
You claim that your life is in danger !
You ask America for its help, then you turn in protest to Aid terrorist organizations that claim harm to America !


This is so true. All these bleeding heart liberals crying over the way Muslims are treated…..look back at the 9/11 footage. You are all ignorant to think that these Muslims would not love to chop off your head as well. Just keep siding with obama. The greatest Muslim of all who has left the world on fire. Thank god Trump is our president

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