ICE Raids 2017: Immigration Raids & Protests by State

A mother with a criminal record in Mesa, Arizona suddenly deported to Mexico.

An ICE officer injured during an arrest in Austin, Texas, and a landscaper detained.

Protests at a freeway in California.

What’s going on? Are ICE agents conducting raids throughout the country because of Donald Trump’s election and executive orders? It’s no secret that Trump made cracking down on illegal immigration the centerpiece of his campaign, and people who are undocumented have been fearing roundups ever since. He’s promised to zero in on the subset of undocumented immigrants who were convicted of serious crimes, after initially speaking of mass deportations during the campaign.

There’s evidence raids and/or detentions are occurring, as reports pop up throughout the country in at least eight states (California, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, Kansas, New York, Virginia, South and North Carolina.) ICE insists the raids are targeted and nothing new and denies social media reports that checkpoints were set up in communities. In California, ICE now says it rounded up 160 people, targeting those with felony records or who are fugitives and called reports of widespread raids “irresponsible” and false, The Orange County Register reported. The newspaper labeled the ICE actions in California a “surge.” In George and the Carolinas, ICE picked up 200 people, reported NBC News.

Some of the scenes are growing intense, with protests in California, New York, Texas, and Arizona. In at least one case, the Mesa deportation, the person detained had a deportation order that dated to the President Obama administration. ICE told NBC News that the California raids were in the works before Trump’s election.

However, The Washington Post reported that the raids, “which appeared to target scores of people, including those without criminal records, mark the first largescale episode of immigration enforcement inside the United States since President Trump’s Jan. 26 order to crack down on the estimated 11 million immigrants living here illegally.”

Not everyone is opposed, especially when news broke that at least some people detained had criminal records.

Others are deeply concerned.

ICE told ABC 7 Los Angeles that raids were “targeted” arrests and “ongoing,” not the result of some sudden Trump step up in activity. However, it’s been impossible so far to get a clear answer from ICE about how many people were rounded up nationwide.

Heavy reached out for comment, asking ICE why the raids were occurring, where, if they’ve increased, and how many were detained and received this statement:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deportation officers conduct enforcement actions every day around the country as part of the agency’s ongoing efforts to uphold public safety and border security. Our operations are targeted and lead driven. ICE’s routine immigration enforcement actions are ongoing and we make arrests every day. Our officers prioritize cases based on a variety of factors, including the person’s criminal and immigration history, as well as the viability of the leads we have on the individual’s possible whereabouts. ICE conducts targeted immigration enforcement in compliance with federal law and agency policy. ICE does not conduct sweeps or raids that target aliens indiscriminately.

Think Progress accused ICE of detaining “134 immigrants at their workplaces and homes in a series of raids.” The site reported that immigration advocates claim “that some people were picked up as ‘collateral arrest’ after they opened their doors to agents who were not there to specifically arrest them. ICE agents allegedly requested to see identification from everyone and took in family members who were undocumented.”

In a press release announcing one deportation, ICE revealed that, in fiscal year 2016, the agency removed 240,255 people nationwide. “Ninety-two percent of individuals removed from the interior of the United States had previously been convicted of a criminal offense,” ICE reported.

Immigration advocates and some politicians said they are having trouble obtaining a list of who and how many were detained. ICE raids are not uncommon historically. In 2015, under President Barack Obama, over 2,000 undocumented immigrants were detained in a raid targeting those with criminal records. In October 2016, before the election, ICE raids occurred at Mexican restaurants in Buffalo, New York.

However, the flurry of social media interest right now may speak to heightened fears post Trump’s election.

Here are where the reports of ICE raids and/or detentions are occurring, as of February 10, 2017 (this post will be updated as more reports come in):

Austin, Texas

An ICE officer in Austin, Texas was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries after a scuffle erupted when the officer tried to make an immigration arrest, according to KVUE-TV.

The arrest occurred on February 10. “Austin police said additional resources were called for “crowd control” after the person’s family members got upset,” reported KVUE.

According to the Austin American Statesman, the ICE officer had pulled over a car in a traffic stop and tried to take a person in custody when family members of the person got “out of hand.” It was not clear why the man was being arrested by ICE, the newspaper reported.

Fear spread quickly on social media as there were unconfirmed reports of raids at taco stands and checkpoints. People posted information on Twitter alerting undocumented immigrants to ICE raids, and other people said those people should be reported to ICE.

A report in the Texas Observer said the raids were targeted and resulted in five arrests. Immigration advocates said they’d never heard of that many arrests in one day.

One of those rounded up was Francisco Alvarado, a landscaper, whose wife, Reyna, told the Observer he was pulled over and taken into custody. A weeping Reyna told the newspaper the couple has a daughter and added that they “fled Honduras about 10 years ago to escape gangs who had killed some of their family members.”

Protests erupted outside the federal building over Alvarado’s arrest.


In Mesa, Arisona, a mother named Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, who was convicted of a felony for identity theft eight years ago, was reportedly the first in Arizona to be deported to Mexico as part of Trump’s immigration executive orders, which called for undocumented residents convicted of crimes to be deported.

She wasn’t detained as part of a raid, though; she had reported to her detention officer as required, and then was not released.

An ICE spokesperson said, “Ms. Garcia De Rayos is currently being detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) based on a removal order issued by the Department of Justice’s Executive Office for Immigration Review which became final in May 2013. Relevant databases indicate Ms. Garcia De Rayos has a prior felony conviction dating from March 2009 for criminal impersonation.”

Emotional family members and friends gathered around an ICE van as it tried to take de Rayos away and a protest erupted. DeRayos is married with two teenage children and has been in America since she was 14.

One man who was deported in Phoenix on February 10, Sebastian Medina-Cuabras, was “a Mexican man wanted for kidnapping in the State of Sinaloa, Mexico,” ICE announced in a news release.

According to the arrest warrant issued by Mexican authorities, Medina-Cuabras “is wanted for a kidnapping where he and three other individuals organized, prepared and executed a ransom plot in August 1999. Details of the Mexican arrest warrant indicate that Medina-Cuabras and other assailants abducted a man and took him to a home where he was kept blindfolded and his feet and hands bound.”

ICE took Medina-Cuabras in custody after he completed a 17-year prison sentence in Arizona for shooting a 7-year-old boy in another vehicle in the leg in a road-rage incident, ICE said.

Read more about De Rayos’ case here:

Read more about De Rayos in Spanish at


In California, a state Senate leader issued a statement saying there were reports that ICE raids were occurring throughout Southern California. The senator is requesting from ICE the number of people detained. ICE later confirmed that 160 were detained, telling NBC News, that all but 10 of those had criminal histories and “many of the arrestees had prior felony convictions for serious or violent offenses.” (ICE conducted similar raids in California in 2016 and 2015).

The mayor weighed in:

One immigration group advised that raids were occurring in Van Nuys, Downey, Norwalk, Oxnard, San Bernardino, and Santa Paulo. Although ICE insists it doesn’t use checkpoints, social media accounts spread like wildfire.

There were reports that as many as 100 people were detained in California on February 9/10.

A protest erupted at a freeway.

North Carolina

The Charlotte Observer says ICE is denying reports of raids in North Carolina.

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is again denying social media reports that it has ramped up operations in east Charlotte, including suggestions it arrested dozens of undocumented Charlotte immigrants in the past week,” the newspaper reported on February 9.

The newspaper said social media reports had spread claims of checkpoints, but ICE officials said they only conduct “targeted” raids, like they always have done. They did not give the newspaper the number of those detained in the last few days, though.

New York

ICE also announced it had deported a Dominican national who was living in New York.

Martires Molvan-Figeureo, 54, is wanted on murder charges, according to ICE. He “was escorted by ERO officers via an ICE Air Ops charter flight to Louisiana, where he then boarded a flight to the Dominican Republic, where he was turned over to local authorities,” an ICE press release said. “He entered the United States legally, but failed to depart the U.S. as required.”

ICE said that Molvan-Figeureo, in 2012, while an active member of the Dominican National Police, “shot and killed a man who was allegedly resisting arrest.”

Protests over the ICE raids and deportations also occurred in New York.


ICE confirmed that “homes and workplaces” were targeted in Atlanta, Georgia, according to The Washington Post.

The Post said immigration advocates have also described raids in Virginia, Florida, and Kansas.

This article will be updated as more reports come in.


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Well I’ve heard alot about illegal alien round ups and l live in AR. The main Lane of illegal aliens take from TX. to the rest of the U.S. and I’m wondering why ICE don’t do any round ups here I personally know that there are some Neghibor hoods are full of nothing but illegals. The local courts are full of DWI and other crimes. But the governor and ICE don’t do anything. No response WTF is going on where they run free in AR.


Mucho mucho trabajo cucaracha casa blah blah blah. They should have thought about that before they came here illegally. The fact is they are all criminals and seeing them deported and hearing their “sad” stories is sweeter then any candy bay I have ever had


“…ICE is denying reports of raids in North Carolina…”

Possibly true, very unlikely, based on my experience today. But remember, their currency is power and fear, not truth.


Proving the lib who wrote this cant read or lacks knowledge of the English language. Ice denied a “ramp up of actions” and the hysterical social media reports; they did not deny going after criminal aliens. Remember, this tool’s currency is ignorance and a general lack of detail; spreading lies because of it…


Finally, now impose big fines on those who employ them. Make them pay to send them back.

William E. Crachy

what is the big deal? these people are in My Country illegally and I want them out without recourse NOW!! I am 90 years old and My Family came to this country legally. Had jobs waiting or Homesteaded and worked the land raising their families.


They aren’t immigrants. Being here illegally, and raising the flag of Mexico, is the characteristic of an unethical trespasser, not an immigrant.


Are you illegals afraid that you won’t be “catch and release” when ya get busted for rapes, robberies and murders?
The liberal fascists in the US will help ya with that.


Why did you post this show? Only Americans can be members of the Mexican Mafia. The guy talking about his gang speaks very good english. I doubt he swam across the river to get here.


Yeah we all belong to the Earth…And THEY belong to THEIR PART OF THE EARTH. Get rid of them.

up yours

As you now millions of undocumented immigrant workers do not violate federal law !
And steal somebody’s identity to get ;
A job ! credit cards ! A house ! A car !

I guess this Criminal thought Obama was still in office and allowed this kind of lawbreaking in the United States.
There are appropriate steps to take to become an American citizen breaking the law does not show good faith.


An ICE spokesperson said, “Ms. Garcia De Rayos is currently being detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) based on a removal order issued by the Department of Justice’s Executive Office for Immigration Review which became final in May 2013.

Jessica, I am surprised at you!! Trying to push the blame for this on to Trump!!


How is it she was SUDDENLY deported? She was a career criminal illegal alien under deportation orders from OBAMA! The sooner we get rid of these people the better!


Career criminal?? Used a fake ID to get a job that most US citizens wouldn’t want, then lived quietly and raised a family. None of the other commenters ever used a fake ID to buy beer when they were 20 years old? Or had any friends who did? Or committed any little misdemeanor? Overstayed a tourist visa when vacationing/partying in Mexico? Picked up a drunk driving charge (which they insist they weren’t guilty of, of course). Really, is this what America is about now? To let people do the lowest paying jobs that we don’t want, then cheer when they’re arrested? Cheer when our housekeepers and yard mowers are taken away in handcuffs and their kids are put up for adoption? We’re PROUD of that?


Tell that to the victims of identity theft and ask them how much it cost! And BTW, there were at least 3! If all she wanted was a job, why would she need 3 social security numbers?


If she had stolen credit cards to buy luxury goods, that’s bad, I agree. Most undocumented immigrants give a number in order to get a job, and it doesn’t match their name. And they use a ITIN (Individual Tax identification Number) to pay their taxes — most do pay. However, the govt stopped issuing them a few years back, so the younger ones cannot get a number now. A few years back, I obtained a report of my own Soc. Sec. number. Apparently someone else somewhere used the same number for a couple of years. The Soc. Sec. Administration has good software or something; they knew it wasn’t me. No inconvenience at all. Real identity theft actually is rare. If we were a sane and decent country, we would acknowledge our need for workers and make immigration as easy as it was for my Ellis Island ancestors. It would be just following the law of supply and demand, which in most cases we treat with almost religious reverence.


So here is the truth… People who live here illegally are more likely to work under the table (paying little taxes), are less likely to report a crime (afraid of being found out), get paid less than citizens (driving down the wages and job opportunities for citizens) and often go to the hospital and never pay (driving up healthcare costs). They absolutely drive up the costs to educate, incarcerate and have a safety net of the jurisdictions where they reside. Any logical person should see that..

Some of you think if an illegal commits a crime like Drunk Driving, he should not be deported. A friend of mines child was run over by an illegal who had been convicted 3 times for DWI but allowed to stay here. This has to stop.

Illegals should be forced to register, if they have been convicted of a second crime here need to go back and if they sneak in again face long prison terms. If they have not committed any other crime, they too go back and are granted legal status to stay here once they have waited in line. Not citizenship but a green card to bring them out of the shadows. The line won’t be that long as we can greatly increase legal entry once many of the illegals are deported. If they refuse to register, jail time and deportation with no chance coming back legally ever.

Now that solves the problems, gets the violent and out of here for good once they are caught and doesn’t break up families; it inconveniences them for a short time until they come back but they never have to hide again.

Some of you think it’s horrible that these people who didn’t obey our laws have to go back; I assure it is nothing like losing a child because a dangerous illegal was kept here because some bleeding heart felt it was horrible to deport him. RIP Annie Cumpston, I will always keep up the fight when criminal aliens get to stay here and you should have seen your 7th birthday…


I once sat in a courtroom where there was one Hispanic family: They looked like the typical undocumented Mexican workers in my community. They sat by themselves; fortunately the court provided an interpreter. I watched an elderly white lady plead guilty to passing a stopped school bus, a fairly minor charge. By all accounts she didn’t even slow down; she could have been charged with homicide for killing the Mexican couple’s kid, but was not. I agree that the resolution was fair, given the lady’s history; but this kind of fairness should go both ways.

Undocumented people (“illegals” as you like to say; at least you spell it in small letters, unlike many others) are mostly happy to register. They pay income taxes. They try to do what’s right. Yes, there’s a drinking-and-driving problem; my group (Italians) had an organized crime problem; every group will produce a Willie Horton if we wait long enough. Promoting a picture of Hispanics as an invading group of millions of murderous drunk drivers and rapists is inaccurate, unfair, contrary to economic realities that brought them here, and morally wrong.

As to “…a green card to bring them out of the shadows…,” many would settle for even less than a green card — some some type of permission. They are not given to making demands. Making them leave the country, just to re-enter is unrealistic, though. They’d lose jobs (hurting American businesses!), lose homes or leases, and be robbed or taken advantage of during the trip — parasite industries would spring up all along the Interstate highway routes to take advantage of them; the kids — largely American citizens — would lose a year of school. This “leave and come back in” proposal has not been thought out. Nobody gains from it, except those that would rip off the immigrants. And it simply is not necessary in order to accomplish the goal of “bringing out of the shadows.”

The INS took steps toward bring them out of the shadows in the early part of 2001. But later in 2001 something happened that awoke all America’s fear of immigrants, and those efforts were discontinued. IMHO the Hispanic immigrants are among the biggest losers from that event, although of course they bore no responsibility for it.


You missed the point. The illegal immigrant who ran over Annie Cumpston had prior convictions for DWI and was allowed to stay by the State of Maryland; many of the jurisdictions in this country would do the same. If we think minor offenses should not qualify the undocumented to be deported then there is a price to pay for that. And please don’t try to make the leap that I think illegals have a predisposition to DWI convictions, it is not what I said. When I hear a leftist like DiBlasio claim that Drunk Drivers will not face deportations, I think he and many others find that reasonable. It is not and endangers all of us.

Some illegal immigrants do get paid legally but many do not, they are paid under the table. By the number of the migrants standing on the street outside Centreville’s Public Library getting picked up by contractors everyday, there is at least 50 everyday that are not being paid legally. Those people do not pay income taxes and cost all of us. Those that are renting a home are not paying taxes, the landlord is although one could argue that the cost is built in to their rent, the undocumented can not qualify for a mortgage now but when it was allowed, they walked away from their homes all over Prince William County in 2007. Try to find a government study on how much of the housing crisis was made worse by the undocumented. You wont find it because the open border crowd would never compile the data.

In my view, merely letting them register does not allow for the time to have proper vetting to take place while they stay here or to see if they are who they claim they are. Many have left their country of origin due to trouble they got in while in their country. There also has to be a price for coming in illegally. While it could be a large fine, I personally feel it should be having them self-deport, waiting in line for the proper checks to be done and then coming back. Losing a year of school or their freedom as many put it is bunk, where they would be going have schools and freedom. Volunteering to leave and come back at some point soon shows a willingness to obey our laws and is not too great a price at all.

There is a term called the velocity of money. It calculates how far dollars earned here go through the system and the benefit the economy. It gets incredibly skewed when many of the illegal aliens here send their money home, in many cases to fund another undocumented to sneak across out border. Even if does not get sent for that purpose, it leaves our economy and further weakens us. It is much better to have a plentiful supply of low wage jobs that can get filled by the high school students and by those who have stopped looking for work. In fact, many of those low wage jobs will now get higher wages in order to fill them. I am a market guy, believing that slightly higher prices for things is a small price to pay for having more citizens working.

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, there were very few undocumented here. The wage I earned painting homes was more than it is now. That is a direct reflection of how the world works under open borders and taking a blind eye to the illegals on the job sites. I can guarantee that over half of the painters and landscapers here are being paid under the table or are being paid legally under an assumed SS number. In fact, I used to live in Clifton with the owner of the home next to me having a landscaping business. The crew of ten used to live in the basement, leave everyday and come back every night. They were all nice people, never had a problem with one of them but they all sent a good chunk of what they made back home and the owner of the company operated under a TIN. That process has been complicated now but it used to be very easy for the undocumented to get a TIN and operate legally. What do you think happens if the owner of a TIN gets sued by a client if he hurts someone? He gets out of here, doesn’t pay the suit and starts up somewhere else.

This has to stop…


1. “Used a fake ID to get a job that most US citizens wouldn’t want, then lived quietly and raised a family.”
That’s what Nazi war criminals did.
2. NO I’ve never used a fake ID to get anything, and I doubt anyone else has either. WHAT FOR?
3. A Misdemeanor is a CRIME, period. Now there are LAWS against misdemeanors that apply aptly to AMERICAN citizens. There is nothing in the penal code of any State or County about any LAW being equally applied to ILLEGAL RESIDENTS. If you want to break the LAW and have the LAW of the land applied to you as it is to the rest of its citizens BE A CITIZEN when you break the LAW.
4. Oh! Now I see! I’m sorry I must’ve misunderstood your point. You WANT TO KEEP YOUR INDENTURED SERVANTS. Is that it?


wow now they can do there jobs and some people are getting mad trump is just doing what he said he was going to do why are people getting upset by someone who is doing what they said they would?????


It is Illegal (contrary to or forbidden by law, especially criminal law.) a foreigner who enters the U.S. without an entry or immigrant visa, especially a person who crosses the border by avoiding inspection or who overstays the period of time allowed as a visitor, tourist, or businessperson. Compare resident alien. … Also called illegal immigrant. Yes, there are many Illegals here. They need to go back.


Is that how Mexico feels? Let’s treat them how Mexico treated Sgt Tamorissi, when he avcidently crossed their border!


Oh bull. If I go to Mexico illegally what do you think happens to me? Give me a effing break with this s hit. You come illegally you will get deported. We have laws too.


Obama’s old USBP chief is gone. That’s what’s going on. The Border Patrol Association said he was a disaster. Now that he is gone, they can do their jobs. Support our Police and let them do our job.


I guess tearing apart families is the new American way. Especially now that the part of “family values” is in charge.


I suppose you think it’s acceptable to violate federal law !
She knew the risk she was taking as a criminal !
She should be thankful America took care of her children !
Win she was on welfare and a ward of the state, receiving food stamps ! medical ! housing ! and let us not forget she stoled someone’s identity.
Why don’t we ask her for her hospital bills and who paid for her children to be born in the United States
The state ?
They’re just mad because the Free Ride is stopping !!!!!!!


Its called “cleaning up”. I unable to get work while I was a kid because farmers gave the jobs to illegals over high school kids. Clean up the problem.

Richard Morse

WOW The whole family should be deported we would hate to tear a family apart! What part of illegal do you people not understand when you cross the border without proper vetting that makes you illegal! If you walk in a bank with your hand in your pocket even without a weapon in your pocket an say this is a bank robbery you will be arrested for bank robbery. What makes you crying hart liberals think Illegal Aliens are not braking the law when they knowingly cross over the border! Damn just because they were not caught when the entered illegally after 10 years does not make them legal! American by birth, Arizona Native by the grace of God!


Not at all. their family is free to leave with them. They are here illegally. What exactly do you not understand about the word illegal. As Clinton said this is a nation of laws, who accept many legal immigrants every year.


They’re not tearing families apart…They’re actually reuniting them.


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