Jocques Scott Clemmons: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jocques Clemmons was identified as the 31-year-old man shot to death by Metro police in Nashville, Tennessee.

Although police said Clemmons was armed – and released a photo of the the handgun – two witnesses told WKRN-TV that “they saw the man running before three shots were fired and he was hit in the back.” Police have not said where Clemmons was shot or how many times.

On February 14, please said new video shows there was not an initial physical confrontation between the two.

Friends and relatives expressed intense grief on Facebook.

Wrote one: “OMG OMG PLEASE TELL ME THIS ISNT TRUE!!!!!!!! PLEASE LET ME SEE HIS FACE ONE MORE TIME!!!!!!! OR COME TO MY HOUSE AND TELL ME THIS AINT REAL!!!!! WHY????????!!!!!!!!!! Jocques Clemmons …..I NEED TO HEAR YA VOICE AGAIN FAM.. R.I.P. Cuz Im Soooooo Hurt and lost for words right now!!!!!!”

The shooting occurred around 1 p.m. on February 10 at Cayce Homes public housing development in Nashville. The officer who fired was identified as Josh Lippert, according to WKRN-TV.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Police Say Clemmons Had a Loaded Gun

According to police, Clemmons was armed with a “fully loaded .357 magnum.” To prove the point, they released a photo of the gun on Twitter (see above).

The New York Daily News reported that, according to a police statement, “Lippert noticed a handgun in Clemmons’s hand during a second struggle and fired an unknown number of times.”

On Facebook, Clemmons, a father, said that he was single and attended “Streets University.” One relative on social media simply wrote, “HEARTBROKEN.”

“Take my cousin,my brother, my best friend, my homie, the other part of me,” the cousin wrote. “Been down since birth not even miles could separate us. No one can truly know the pain in my heart right now but him I will forever love you. And to think about your sons got me me all types of messed up. Family let me know where yall gone be we in route.”

Another family member wrote on Facebook that Clemmons was the father of two boys.

2. The Incident Started as a Traffic Stop & a Family Member wrote of Being On His Knees Praying in Grief

According to a statement released by police, “Traffic stop led to foot chase and struggle. Shooting occurred after struggle.”

The police version? “Clemmons started running and ran for about a block when the officer shot him,” reported WKRN, but police aren’t releasing much more than that information. Now they say there was not a struggle initially.

Another relative of Clemmons wrote on Facebook: “I have no words to describe what I’m feeling right now… Please pray for my family as I’m on my knees praying and can’t hold back these tears… This hurts badly,body is numb from this…R.I.H Jocques Clemmons I LOVE YOU ALWAYS COUSIN!! #HEARTBROKEN.”

3. Eyewitnesses Told Nashville TV That Clemmons Was Shot in the Back While Running Away

Sharika Kinnie told WKRN-TV that she saw a man running.

“He got out of his car, left the door open, started running, police shot him in the back three times, he fell to the ground, a few police officers went over and looked at him, walked away, and that’s about it,” she told the television station.

Clemmons’ Facebook cover photo is a photograph with family (see above).

4. Officer Lippert Has Been on the Force for Five Years

The officer, a five-year veteran, is on administrative duty while the shooting is investigated, Nashville Metro police said.

5. Clemmons Has a Criminal History For Cocaine

According to WKRN, Clemmons was on probation “after receiving an eight-year sentence in 2014 for cocaine conviction.”

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