Man in ‘Blackface’ Wants Police to Put Guns Away So It’s a ‘Fair Fight’ [VIDEO]

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Joseph Augustini, 25, was captured on Denton Police Department body cam footage cross-dressing and covered in black body paint. Police report he had drug paraphernalia on him that tested positive for amphetamines. According to the affidavit, officers had received reports about a suspicious person running in and out of traffic before approaching Augustini.

The entire encounter was captured on a Denton Police Department body camera.

In the later released body 6-min cam footage, Augustini is shown speaking to four officers on the side of the road in the in the 1000 block of West Hickory Street in East McKinney Street, Denton, Texas. Audio becomes available about 30-seconds into the video.

In it, Augustini is shown with a face covered in black ink with spiderweb patterns going down his body. He is wearing a checkered, yellow spaghetti strap top and an orange beanie.

For the majority of the video, Augustini pesters the officers, asking them if he is free to go.

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Joseph Augustin (Denton County Jail)

Augustini repeatedly claims he does not feel safe around the officers. Eventually, Augustini takes a different tone claiming that he doesn’t have a gun and “it’s not a fair fight.” He asks the officers to put down their guns.

Augustini was then restrained and arrested.

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