Kirstin DiMarco, Patrick DiMarco’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kirstin DiMarco is the wife of Atlanta Falcons’ fullback, Patrick DiMarco.

Both Kirstin and Patrick frequently post loving photos of each other on social media. They haven’t been married long, but they appear to be a very committed couple.

According to Player Wives, “DiMarco’s wife Kirstin enjoys charity work and stays committed to help those less fortunate.”

Here’s what you want to know:

1. DiMarco Has Called His Wife ‘This Pretty Lady’

DiMarco frequently posted photos of his wife and children on Instagram. He wrote under one photo, “Happiest of Birthdays to this pretty lady that I get to call my wife! Weston and I are lucky guys to have you forever and ever! We love you!”

2. Patrick & Kirstin DiMarco Have Been Married for Two Years

In a post on their anniversary, DiMarco wrote, “Dancing our way through 2 amazing years of marriage! Happy anniversary babe, I love you!”

He also posted a photo of their wedding:

DiMarco is very open about his love for his wife on Instagram.

3. Kirstin Has a Child, Weston, With DiMarco

On Instagram, Patrick DiMarco frequently posts photos of his and Kirstin’s son, Weston.

“Training him early!” he wrote on one photo of Weston. The child is 1 year old. Six months ago, Patrick wrote on Instagram, “My Big Boy is already 6 months! Happy 1/2 Birthday Buddy!”

His page is filled with photos of their son and wife.

“Tough one yesterday… But waking up and playing with this guy just makes everything better!” Patrick wrote in one post.

4. Kirstin Studied at the University of South Carolina

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#byeweek = Family Time

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On Facebook, Kirstin (born Kirstin Oates) wrote that she studied at University of South Carolina – Columbia and lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

5. Kirstin Filled Her Facebook Page With Photos of the Couple’s Wedding & Engagement

Kirstin Oates DiMarco has turned her Facebook page into an ode to her marriage with Patrick, filling the page with their wedding photos and her bridal shower photos. Here are some more of them: