Michael Flynn Resigns: All the Memes You Need to See
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Michael Flynn Resigns: All the Memes You Need to See


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First of all ( Mark ) you Muslim sympathizing bitch !

We have seen the true Liars from the Democrat, and they do not stop lying because they are back by the Muslim Brotherhood.

So blow it out your ass !!!


“Muslim sympathizing bitch” . . . you can always count on the Trumptards to raise the level of debate . . . LOL . . . hey, what do you expect . . . they all voted for a guy who bragged he could commit murder in broad daylight, and not lose a single follower . . . do you really think any of these cray-crays can be rational, or are remotely intelligent?


Blah… Blah… Are you mad? Your President will soon be next. Notice how Pence is so called “Cleaned” in this? He will soon be President!


Flynn got fired for lying?? Are you kidding me? In the lyingmost administration ever? When will Comrade Drumpf resign for lying? Kellyann? Spicer? Of all who lies has to resign, no one would be left!



Guess he got canned for not being all in on the lying.

Even Shakespeare couldn’t have made this stuff up. Maybe only Douglas Adams could’ve.


Talk about your Comedy of Errors . . . Ship of Fools . . . you’re right . . . you can’t make this sh*t up!!


He didn’t get fired for lying about what he did. He got fired for doing what he did. READ!

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