New Orleans East Tornado: Videos You Need to See

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A destructive tornado was reported in New Orleans East, and officials urged people in the area to seek shelter. Radar confirmed that a tornado was in the New Orleans East area. Officials are working to determine the extent of the damage. It was later confirmed that there were three tornados in the Louisiana area, Breaking911 reported. One hit near East New Orleans, another in Killian, and another near Donaldsonville.

Here are more videos of the New tornadoes. This first one was seen from the New Orleans East Hospital:

The tornado touched down in northeastern New Orleans, leaving damage in its wake that is still being assessed. Witnesses said some homes and businesses were affected, but officials have not yet released information about injuries.

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More than 8,700 people are without power in New Orleans East after the tornado touched down, is reporting. Energy will likely be restored by 2 p.m. Meanwhile, more than 10,300 Entergy customers lost power in Orleans Parsih, Plaquemines Parish, Jefferson Parish, and St. John the Baptist Parish.

Here is another video, shared by Marietta on Twitter:

This video shows the terrifying force of the storm:

You can also see videos of the damage the storms left behind. NOFD is searching the wreckage:

Here, homeowner Sheryl McBride talks about how she had to hide in a bathtub to survive:

Here, a resident reacts when seeing the tornado:

And here you can see the tornado just over the horizon, looking very menacing:

And here’s a video of the tornado near Donaldsonville: