Man Aims Gun at Police In Oakland, Spray Paints: Photos & Videos

A man armed with a rifle walked around an Oakland neighborhood on Las Vegas Avenue — near 98th Avenue and Golf Links Road — and opened fire at responding officers and helicopters February 17. He also walked around the neighborhood with a can of spray paint and tagged nearby garages and cars with graphic symbols.

The shooter began firing at officers when they responded to a call of a man armed with a rifle. He sought cover after that, but continued to fire at police.

The situation was resolved when Oakland Police reportedly shot and injured the suspect in his shoulder and ankle. He was transported to a local hospital because of his injuries, and hours later was pronounced dead.

According to the CHP Oakland Area Office, shots were continuously being fired.

Reports surfaced on social media that the alleged shooter is Jesse Enjaian.

However, Oakland police issued a statement that they “are not confirming the identity of the suspect at this time.”

Enjaian is reportedly a University of Michigan law graduate.

Because of the situation, police locked down area schools and highways, but they were reopened once Enjaian was apprehended. But the area around the scene remains closed as police investigate.

Here are pictures and videos from the scene:

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