Sarah Dunsey Photos: Pictures of Utah ‘Kidnap’ Victim


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sara montana

I hope Dunsey and her mother face charges. These fake hoaxters will continue to garner media attention and take LE resources that could be used to find real victims. Some similarities to Papini tale. Another hoax.


Liar! There is no proof that the Sherry Papini case is a hoax. Quit spreading FAKE NEWS.


i’ve met sarah before and she lives in my hometown, this was not a hoax and everyone in this city was terrified for her while she was missing, keep your rude and ignorant remarks to yourself please

aj cook

yea you were scared because her family lied. how are there no updates then ??? sure utah. probably running away from some Mormon trap

aj cook

i agree this chick is a straight up liar. and her parents are liars. like you have this information but you make a freaking inter video. sureeeee


Sex traficking is terrible. I hope they arrest the guys who kidnapped her!

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