WATCH: Bull Escapes Police, Runs Through Queens Neighborhood

A large bull that was reportedly headed to a slaughterhouse in New York City got away from its captors and ran rampant through a neighborhood in Queens on February 21. The bull ran past pursuing police officers and bystanders, who were urged by officials to move and run away from the scene as the bull got away.

According to ABC 7, the chase started just before 11 a.m. and “officials quickly cornered it in a backyard on Marsden Street in Jamaica.” The bull escaped police again, and police eventually sedated the bull using darts. But once again, the bull escaped through the neighborhood with police trying to corner it once more.

About one hour into the pursuit, ABC 7 reported that the bull was sedated once again and finally captured, however it’s been reported that the bull died as a result of the ordeal.

ABC News tweeted a video of police pursuing the runaway bull, which continued to run through streets unhinged and found a grazing area near a home.

It didn’t take long for the internet to react to the unique situation, with one Twitter user setting the video of the runaway bull moving through the streets to Rage Against the Machine’s “Bull’s on Parade.”

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