WATCH: Bernie Sanders’ Response to Trump’s Speech to Congress

Bernie Sanders wasted no time responding to President Donald Trump’s speech to Congress. Watch his response above.

“Since the beginning of this year, we have seen unprecedented grassroots energy,” he said during his response. “…The Republicans are getting very worried. They’re not so cocky anymore about simply repealing Obamacare and they should be worried. The American people are standing up… And they’re saying, no you’re not going to repeal the Affordable Care Act…you’re going to improve it.”

He added, “We’ve got to guarantee healthcare to all people as a right, not a privilege.”

“Those of you who attended rallies and town hall meetings, keep showing up,” he said. “Only when millions of people stand up and fight … only then can we create the political revolution that will turn this country around.”

During Bernie’s video response, his speech was covered with “hearts” and “likes” on Facebook, as is pretty typical for most of the reactions to his videos:


Bernie Sanders attended Trump’s speech earlier. He looked pretty happy and laid back when he first showed up.

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 28: Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) arrives to a joint session of the U.S. Congress with U.S. President Donald Trump on February 28, 2017 in the House chamber of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC. Trump's first address to Congress is expected to focus on national security, tax and regulatory reform, the economy, and healthcare. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) arrives to a joint session of the U.S. Congress with U.S. President Donald Trump on February 28, 2017. (Getty)

But during the speech, his demeanor changed a bit:

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (C) listens to remarks by U.S. President Donald J. Trump during his address to a joint session of Congress, at the U.S. Capitol, in Washington, DC, February 28, 2017. Trump, in his first address to Congress, laid out his agenda on issues like immigration, the economy, foreign affairs and health care. / AFP / Mike Theiler (Photo credit should read MIKE THEILER/AFP/Getty Images)

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (C) listens to remarks by U.S. President Donald J. Trump during his address to a joint session of Congress, looking not-so-happy. (Getty)

What did you think of Bernie’s response to Trump’s speech? Let us know in the comments below.

If you missed Trump’s speech, you can watch the whole thing in the story below:


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And yeah, fight , resist, rebel…. For such forgiving and open people, the dems sure dont seem to want to come together for the greater good.


and that just goes to show you that Bernie Sanders is not sure where he stands. He is against getting rid of the money the Pharma lobbyists pumps into his pockets for voting in their favor, and showed that as he remained seated but he is for lowering costs of perscription drugs and made a show of that for the benefit of his socialist agenda and friends. The man is a fence rider. He can talk out of both sides of his mouth, imagine that. And I agree, the democrats showed last night that they are not interested in moving forward, but instead will try to block progress. It’s a good thing they don’t control either chamber. Let it go down in history that those who oppose improving our system will die in shame for not trying to help it happen.


Bernie is one man in politics who DOES NOT talk out both sides of his mouth. Not sure what you are referring to?! For you to state that the Democrats are not interested in moving forward after the Republicans did everything to block progress for the 8 years Obama was in office. As expected Trump supporters are delusional, did you even listen to this video or what Trump is proposing?? If you are willing to pay higher taxes to support his twisted agenda, and support the rich that’s your right. But putting Bernie down doesn’t show any insight or willingness to move ahead and improve our system. Bernie has been serving the people for over 30 years, Trump serves only himself and now proposes more tax breaks to other like him. Outrageous!

Jim Yekan (@myekan)

Haah! Sanders is the most stable, committed, and principled guy. He is the most trusted politician in the US. He would have made a much better president.

Barbara Finn Visconti

Regulations and the speed of drugs to market has no effect on the price of drugs. Bernie knows that. Being able to buy drugs from Canada does affect the cost to the consumer. It’s kind of like knowing the difference between bullshit and a fact. Bernie doesn’t take lobbyist money.


@Barbara Finn Visconti – Yes, FDA regulations have a tremendous effect on the high cost of drugs, which have increased 6 fold since the 1990s.
See explanations:
US News & World Report “How the FDA Drives Up Drug Prices”
LA Times “The little-known FDA program that’s driving drug prices higher”.


Why especially when it’s Trump’s way or the highway. Also, look at the fact checking from Trump’s speech conducted by the AP. There were many of the usual twists and turns.


No not really. Because there is no “coming together.” That’s code for: “those who don’t agree with trump, shut up & get over it.” I have no interest in bending over, thanks. As for removing regulations regarding the FDA, you really need to be careful about what “regulations” and how many you’re talking about. trump is a hack with zero interest in the greater good. He’s only concerned with his own pockets and those of his donors and business associates. Those are the people who will flourish under this administration, not anyone or anything else. If you think otherwise, you’re a fool. I don’t know what his specific aim is, regarding FDA regs, but I’m not inclined to believe it’s something altruistic. That’s not to say there couldn’t be some improvement, I just don’t trust the Liar-in-Chief, since it’s pathological for him.


I thought Bernie showed respect to the office of president, despite his political differences. I don’t think he was overtly negative, as suggested by the article. He withheld his applause on many points, that’s true, but he also gave a couple of standing ovations, indicating that he would be eager to work with the administration on a few areas. Sometimes he’d split the issue. For example, he didn’t appear to agree with Trump’s attacks on the FDA, to remove regulations and speed up drug approval, yet Bernie also seemed delighted that Trump would like to reduce the high cost of prescription drugs. I found that Bernie was easy to spot during the speech, so it was fun to watch his reactions to the ideas and issues that Trump addressed.

Stephanie Dube Dwilson

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about Bernie’s reactions, especially the ones that the photos didn’t capture. I really appreciate your input! :)

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