WATCH: Videos From Not My President’s Day Protests in New York

The Not My President’s Day rallies to protest the policies of President Donald Trump began today in New York City, where thousands gathered in Columbus Circle. The rally and others like it were timed for President’s Day, as well as the exact one-month anniversary of Trump’s inauguration.

Unlike other protests against Trump, these are meant to protest all of Trump’s policies. It was first organized by the Not My President’s Day group in Los Angeles, but the idea quickly spread throughout the country.

This video is a live stream of the event in New York:

Here are videos from the protests in New York and elsewhere. More will be added to this post as they are posted on social media.

This video shows protesters starting to gather:

This is a longer video of the atmosphere in New York, first posted on ABC News’ Facebook page.

Here is video shared by The Associated Press:

This tweet shows video of a man dressed as Steve Bannon, controlling a puppet Donald Trump.

This video includes footage from protests in New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

The following tweet has a short clip from an Austin, Texas protest.

This video is from Chicago:

Here’s video from Atlanta:

Here’s video from a CBS Miami report on the rally in Miami.

Here is video from the Portland, Oregon protest:




If the Republicans had acted like this after Obama was elected, they would have been called bigots.

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