Denise Coronado aka Bones Marie: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Denise Coronado Bones Marie Facebook page

Denise Coronado pictured on her Facebook page.

Prosecutors say a teenage pimp, who went by “Bones Marie,” coerced a 14-year-old girl into have sex with as many as 26 men. Denise Coronado appeared in court in Houston to answer to the charges of pimping out a teenage runaway. The Houston Chronicle quoted ADA JoAnne Musick as saying, “It’s alleged that the runaway, a 14-year-old, was abducted. She had multiple men brought in to have sex with her while her captors collected the money.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Coronado Could Face Life in Prison While Her Lawyer Questioned the Victims Account of Being ‘Coerced’

Denise Coronado Harris County District Attorney

(Harris County District Attorney)

DA Musick told the court that the victim was abducted from the street, taken to a home and then raped, reports the Houston Chronicle. All while Coronado watched, the prosecutor said. Following that incident, the victim was taken to a hotel where she was photographed in her underwear. Those pictures were then used to advertise the victim on the website, Backpage.

KHOU reports that the girl had sex with two other men as a result of the Backpage posting.

The victim escaped when she was able to contact a family member via Facebook and was rescued, according to the Chronicle. The 14-year-old had been missing for five days.

During her appearance in court, Coronado wore a prison jumpsuit and didn’t say anything. DA Musick also said that the victim was burned with a cigarette prior to her rape. Coronado’s attorney, Joe David Wells, said, “If this young girl is actually being held against her will, why was she allowed access to a telephone and able to get on Facebook?” Wells stated his belief that Coronado had been coerced into her actions.

If found guilty on the charge of compelling prostitution, Coronado could face anywhere between five years and life in prison. The 14-year-old girl is now back with her family and is recieving help, reports NBC Houston.

2. The Suspect Bragged on Facebook, ‘B****, f*** a Job I Still Get Gs’

Bones Marie Facebook page


On her Facebook page, Coronado wrote under a photo of hundred dollar bills, “B***, f*** a job I still get Gs.” In the comments section, one of Coronado’s friends, wrote “Boss of all bosses.”

There is limited information to be taken from the page, other than the fact that Coronado goes by the nickname, “Bones Marie” and that she lives in Houston.

3. On an Online Dating Profile, Coronado Says She Is an ‘Animal Lover’

Bones Marie Plenty of Fish profile

(Plenty of Fish)

Coronado maintained a dating profile on the website Plenty of Fish. She identifies herself as a smoker and an “animal lover.” Coronado writes that she “wants to date but nothing serious.” When asked about her profession, Coronado answered “??”

Coronado says she is “not ambitious” on her profile.

4. Coronado Has Previous Arrests for Weed Possession & Assault

Coronado remains in Harris County jail after failing to raise the $100,000 bail. The Houston Chronicle reports that the reason for the high bail is Coronado’s previous convictions for weed possession and simple assault. A family member told the Chronicle that Coronado pleaded guilty to those charges and that the assault incident involved a family member.

Speaking about sex trafficking in general in Houston, DA Ruben Perez said, “We’re not going to tolerate human traffickers, pimps or pimpettes enslaving our kids, enslaving our people in our country. We have a cadre of lawyers willing to prosecute these people and we’re ready.” While DA Musick said, “We’re finding it more and more common. That’s how pimps are selecting their victims. They find a child, a woman, a man, whoever that has little ties to their family.”

5. Prostitute Listings Have Now Been Banned on Backpage

Personal ad website Backpage had long had a reputation for allowing users to publish ads that sold prostitution.