Deserae Turner: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Deserae Turner (Facebook)

Two 16-year-old boys are accused of shooting a classmate in Smithfield, Utah after she allegedly was texting and contacting on of them “too often” on the mobile messaging application Snapchat.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Deserae Turner, 14, was struck in the head by a bullet and left to die by the two boys in a canal nearby her school. The pair remains unnamed in reports due to their age.

The suspects are charged with attempted murder, aggravated robbery and obstructing justice. In interviews with police that were used as evidence in a preliminary hearing March 22, one of the boys complained to the other that Turner was “texting and Snapchatting him” too frequently, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Because of that, the two boys wanted her to stop communicating with them and and allegedly thought killing her would be best.

Turner survived the ordeal, but was put into a medically-induced coma at a Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. When she was out of the coma, detectives interviewed a shocked Turner in her hospital bed in disbelief that those she once considered “friends” would do such a thing.

Here’s what you need to know about Turner and the case:

1. Turner Was Going to Buy a Knife From the Boys When They Shot Her

Reports say that Turner was getting bullied by the two boys, but agreed to meet up with them so they could sell her a knife. The three were to meet at a canal in Smithfield.

Interviews with police found that the pair had originally planned to kill Turner when they met a few days prior. They intended on slicing Turner’s throat with a knife and leaving the scene as she bled out. But one of the boys told authorities that he couldn’t follow through with the plan to slash Turner’s throat.

They allegedly did intend to follow through with her murder the next time, but brought a revolver with in case. When they deemed that the time was right, one of the teens allegedly shot her in her head.

In addition to shooting her, the two reportedly stole some belongings from Turner and broke her cell phone.

2. Turner Was Found by 2 Women Searching For Her

Deserae Turner (Facebook)

Turner was reported missing on social media on the evening when she was shot. People from the community banded together to search for her, and two women stumbled upon Turner in the canal.

When she met with the suspects to purchase the knife, she didn’t have any idea that one of the boys had a gun in his hand. The shooter allegedly walked up behind Turner, who was moving away from them and heading back home, and pointed the gun at the back of her head, firing the lone round.

Cache County Sheriff Deputy Brian Groves said in a court hearing March 22 that Turner had no clue what was about to transpire when she arrived at the canal to meet the two teens.

“She had no idea that was going to happen,” Groves said. “(The shooter) said it was the most merciful way.”

The pair of women that found her, Turner’s friends, were able to track her location using her phone information.

She was found bloodied and laying motionless, barely alive, in the canal by the women, and she was transported by paramedics to the hospital and placed into the coma.

3. When She Came Out of Her Coma, Turner Was ‘Shocked’ to Learn What Happened

Deserae Turner (Facebook)

At a court hearing March 21, Smithfield Detective Brandon Muir testified and told the court about his interview with Turner once she came out of the coma.

Muir said that during the interview, which occurred March 10, Turner was surprised. Propped up in her hospital bed looking dazed, she reportedly asked him how she got into the hospital, and why? Instead of answering her question, Muir decided — along with a therapist — that her father should be the person to inform her that the two boys she once called her friends pulled the trigger on her and left her to die.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that Turner was very surprised and “had a look of shock on her face.” The interview was captured on camera, and the courtroom was shown the footage inside as one of the first pieces of evidence displayed in the case against the boy that was the shooter.

Cache County Attorney James Swink said during the hearing that Turner should be commended for being able to answer questions after an incredibly traumatic experience, Fox 13 Salt Lake City reported.

“Today we provided some testimony from Deserae and obviously she is in a weakened state,” Swink said according to Fox 13. “She was brave to tell him what she remembered happening.”

The judge in the 1st District juvenile courtroom, Angela Fonnesbeck, said that the evidence shown by prosecutors during the preliminary hearing showed that there is “probable cause” for the case against him to move forward.

Next, a hearing will take place on May 8 for additional details, evidence and interviews to be reviewed. At that hearing, Fonnesbeck will decide whether the suspects will be charged as juveniles or adults in the case.

4. A Shell Casing From the Shooting Was Found In a Suspect’s Home

After Turner was located, authorities launched a full investigation into the matter. Shoe prints left in the mud led authorities to the teenage suspects, and their shoes were a match to the footprints.

They were arrested for their role in the shooting, and police found a shell casing that one of the suspects allegedly took “as a momento.” In addition, several of Turner’s belongings were reportedly found inside the home. The same suspect also wrote a letter to the Turner family expressing his sympathy for his actions.

5. A GoFundMe Page Was Set Up For the Turner Family

As Turner continues to battle for her life everyday, her community is with her. The incident has led to an outpouring of support from neighbors to the Turner family.

Following the shooting, a GoFundMe page was set up for the Turner family to assist in medical costs with a fundraising goal of $75,000.

Within one month, it’s eclipsed $50,000 and is approaching the goal. On the page, the Turner family released a statement saying that it’s a miracle that Deserae is still alive and is healing. It added that she remains fighting hard and has moved to the trauma unit in the hospital.

Through the blessings of our father in heaven Deserae is still with us and has made progress. We are so thankful for the hospital staff that have worked every minute of the last 19 days to keep Des alive and healing. Des is fighting so hard and we are grateful for the many small miracles along the way. Deserae has moved to the Neuro Trauma Unit. Her next steps include another surgery and extensive rehabilitation. Our sweet girl has been through so much as she battled for her life and this will be a battle she fights for a long time if not for the rest of her life. We are so grateful for all the support and prayers on Deserae’s behalf. We would like to thank our community and people all over the world for their prayers, love and support. We ask that you please continue to pray for her, our family and the other families associated with this tragedy.

A bullet remains lodged in Turner’s head as she continues the rehabilitation process.




This had to have been a .22 caliber. It is so rare to survive a gunshot wound to the head any larger than that. So thankful this little girl survived. But what a setup. Going to buy a knife at a canal with two boys? Ouch. So young. Get well soon!


The officials know if you take out religion throughout the world love cannot spread to the hearts of the young.
They know there will be no Direction no Foundation, no path to guide you. For their knowledge in their wrongdoings , is a special place in death for them, they cannot Escape it! There will be no dealings, no backdoor deals for them, in death we all will take that step alone ; and for all of the wrongful acts they have done to others, the suffering they have caused, will be the suffering they shall endure forever.

Andre (@asoutlaw)

Unless you ask for forgiveness. Then there’s no punishment.
You forgot that part.
The only time you don’t get a pardon is if you say there’s no God. Then all bets are off. But you can literally wipe out an entire town of people and as long as you tell God your sorry then all your sins are forgiven.

So if you believe that crap, there’s no suffering that will have to be endured forever.
What a crock of BS.


@Andre: Well, at least try to sound like you know what you’re talking about, if you’re going to attack God’s Word.
You’re a tad confused. Confusion is not of God.
There’s plenty of people who believe in God who will not be ‘residing’ w/Him in the end. Many believe in God, but not Jesus as Savior. Many think He was just a Prophet of His time. Like John the Baptist. So, no. They don’t ‘get it’, just b/c they believe in God. And, many believe in one of Thousands of ‘gods’ out there, w/thousands of different, ‘man made, organized, religions’. None of which will lead one to Eternal life w/the ‘Real God.’ God Himself, is against organized religions of man. They take man away from Him & toward that ‘religion’.
Knowing Jesus on a more ‘personal’ level, is what Draws people TO Him. So, it’s about ‘Relationship’. Not ‘religion.’

Forgiveness is something Jesus took care of on the Cross. For Everyone. One needs to believe in Christ as their Risen Savior & invite Him into their heart & lives. That’s when He can get to work. He never goes where He is not ‘invited personally’, by the person. IF you are sincere w/your ‘invitation’ to Jesus, He will come to you.
A change will begin to take place w/in that person, that everyone should eventually see. For some, it happens faster than others. B/C again, we don’t loose our Free Will. So He moves as quickly, or slowly as He is allowed to. So some will ‘sit’ on it for a while, while others will be very hungry for all they can get, learn & ingest, of Jesus.

THAT is when ‘Forgiveness’ is yours. ONLY when you BELONG to Christ. His bloodshed on that Cross covered Everyone’s Sin. And No One gets ‘by’ Jesus & makes it to heaven. We must go THROUGH Jesus. B/C HE is the Bridge between God & man.

Anyone can say ‘Sorry’. Many times it’s just ‘words’. God knows Exactly who means it & who does not. B/C God is the Only One, who Knows the Heart of Every Man.
Which w/o Christ in it, is basically EVIL. Regardless of how ‘good’ someone ‘thinks’ they are. (& others may agree/say too)
No one can ‘work’ their way to heaven. No one can be ‘good enough’ to get there on their own.
No man can save himself, from himself. If they could, we wouldn’t have needed a Savior.
Only JESUS Saves. And Only when we ASK Him to.
Hope this helps.
And hope you make the right choice for yourself, while you’re still here. It’s too late to change your mind, when you’re not anymore.


@Michael: You’re right. Stacking up the closed doors on God, has become the thing to do. Especially in the past several years & even less. Things are moving very quickly now.
And unbelievers are in for the shock of their lives.
IF they don’t get a clue prior, of course.
It’s up to each one, to seek for themselves, or keep serving their master to suit. Both have consequences. Just that the One, is sooo much better! :)

Miss J

What kind of evil is in people today? Especially these young folk who commit horrific crimes. I just don’t get it. It’s as if human life has no value anymore, and killing someone is not even shocking. Maybe it’s the violent video games??


I think it’s the internet. It’s become vile and inhumane. Nobody’s nice anymore. It’s pure evil online. Even the simplest of stories have horrible comments. I think what we are witnessing is the Craigslist of www. I think eventually there will be different internets and you’ll need to pay to get to educated sites or fun sites, etc. Fingerprint ID or something that is not going to be very easy to hack. Anyone found hacking will have their fingers cut off! (LOL) For those poor, uneducated, evil people, there will be the free (what you see now) internet. That’s my take anyway.


Why do you immediately jump to violent video games as the cause here? Video games have nothing to do with this or with crime in general. This is a clear-cut case of psychotic kids doing something evil, nothing more. I play God of War, one of the most violent games ever made, all the time, and I don’t even think of killing actual people. Get off your high horse and into the real world, snowflake.

flashcraft (@flashcraft)

@Nonanymous, well, said. Several studies into this subject have all concluded that video games do not contribute to violent behavior. I wonder if “snowflake” has ever even heard of moderated comments. Snowflake probably gets his information from TV “news”.


It’s called bad parenting. Parents that dont give their child a loving upbringing, ignore them, treat them poorly, hit them, etc. A properly raised child will not act this way without cause. I would blame the internet, but its the parents fault if their kids are looking at awful things, get some oversight on your kids ffs.


JP, you are so wrong. It has nothing to do with bad parenting. You do not know these people. The parents are devastated.

Michael P.

It is black culture. Black on white violence has been at staggering levels for years now. Wake up!!


How do you know the perpetrators were black? Their identities have not been released.

Andre (@asoutlaw)

Sorry, you can’t blame the blacks for this one. The teens were white. There’s video out there of the parents in court speaking for the teens as they attempt to keep this from being moved to an adult court.

As for other people that are saying it’s due to this or that. These two teens simply thought up something stupid as an answer to a problem. Normally if there’s a sane member in the group you hang out with ideas like this will be shot down. But when everyone involved is just a dumb as the person that thought it up then stupid things like this happen. I’m not sure if it’s the parents fault. I doubt very much if video games was the cause. I don’t know if violent movies had anything to do with it either. My guess is just plain stupidity.

Michael P.

Andre, they are both black per images on Facebook posts of them and their friends. Colter Peterson (adopted by white parents) and Jayzon Decker.


Of course! When are whites going to learn blacks are not your friends? They are the most hateful and the most racist this black on white crap goes on daily and the media never mentions race but if it was races reversed they would mention it was whites throughout the whole article and the headline.These white kids are so stupid because of this PC bullcrap.

Donna Griffith

Why don’t you show who you are “Anonymous” . You talk all this racial hatred without showing who you are!!!!!???? Just like the KKK!!!! White damn rags on their faces just like a pack of cowards!!!!!

Donna Griffith

Black culture??????????????? I guess whites don’t kill anyone???? Wow!!!!!!! I know!!!! Blacks kill more right???? So stupid!!! Please don’t ever quote anything from the bible. You show more hate and racial intolerance than most!!!!!


@Miss J: Matt 24:12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold…
We are in the End Days & most of the Prophecy’s in God’s Word have been fulfilled. However, during this time, more are being fulfilled at a more rapid pace, than ever before. Things will continue to get worse, therefore, going downhill. In society, the world & every other way.
James 1:21 Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and every expression of evil, and humbly receive the word planted in you, which can save your souls.

Everyone is given the same choice in this life, for where they want to spend the next, which is Eternal.
Please Choose Wisely.

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