Ferguson Market Protests: Photos & Videos From the Scene

Seven to eight shots were reportedly fired at the scene of a protest at Ferguson Market and Liquor in Ferguson, Missouri late March 12. Nobody was harmed as a result of the shooting.

Ferguson Market is the store that 18-year-old Michael Brown allegedly robbed, according to police. He was later shot and killed by a white police officer.

The protest took place for hours and involved about 100 people. Police arrived on the scene to monitor the gathering and attempted to disperse the crowd from the property when it closed.

People were gathering at the store was because of a new video that surfaced, showing Brown hours before he was killed.

The surveillance video, which was obtained for use in an upcoming documentary, shows Brown at the register before leaving an item behind the counter at the store. In the clip, he walks to the cash register and hands over what looks to be a small bag. Brown then grabs a shopping bag that contains cigarillos and walks to the door. He then turns back and hands the cigarillos back to the cashier before walking out.

The filmmaker, Jason Pollock, told the New York Times that the footage calls into question the story by Ferguson police that Brown robbed the store when he came back later in the day.

Pollock told the New York Times that Brown was handing over a bag of marijuana to an employee at the store and received the tobacco as payment. He added that he went back to the counter before exiting the store so the cigarillos could be kept “for safekeeping.”

They destroyed Michael’s character with the tape, and they didn’t show us what actually happened. So this shows their intention to make him look bad. And shows suppression of evidence.

Here are photos and videos from the scene:
Note: Some of the following videos contain graphic language.

Protesters Gathered Outside the Store Urging People Not to Shop There

The store owners’ lawyer said that the new footage of Brown was “edited.” He said the store will release a new, uncut video of the incident March 13.

Protests started earlier in the day with people gathering with signs telling people outside to not shop at Ferguson Market.

The Large Police Response Brought the Arrest of Some Protesters

Ferguson police had a large presence around the scene and surrounded the store. At least four people were arrested (in the videos below), and that’s when the situation began to erupt.

A video of the parking lot from reporter David Carson showed police continuing to respond to the parking lot. They reportedly called a code 1,000, which they do when additional police presence is requested.

A Video Shows Moments After Shots Were Fired

A video from a Facebook user showed the moments after shots were fired nearby Ferguson Market. Nobody was reportedly hit by the gunfire.