Grizz, the Airport Security Dog: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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An airport security dog named Grizz was shot and killed by a police marksman as he ran around a New Zealand airport, causing outcry.

Grizz, a puppy, was chased around the airport in Auckland for several hours.

Authorities eventually shot the dog to death after flights were delayed as the pup sprinted around runways. The dog’s death has outraged members of the public.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Pup Was Training to Detect Bombs & Was Chased for Three Hours

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According to Channel 12 Milwaukee, Grizz was a 10-month-old “bearded collie cross” who was “training to be an Aviation Security Explosion Detector.”

The dog was due to graduate in six months, reported The Guardian.

“Unfortunately an Aviation Security dog was shot this morn @AKL_Airport staff had tried for 3 hours to catch it our thoughts are with handler,” the Auckland airport said in a tweet.

2. Grizz Wriggled Loose & Was Running Through the Airport

Channel 12 says Grizz “escaped handlers who spent hours trying to coax him away from the runway.”

The handler’s son defended his father on Facebook, writing, “He has over 30 years experience with dogs and they are his passion. His job is to serve and protect our airport and people are disrespecting him for that.”

The dog got loose as he “was being loaded into a van by his handler in the public area,” reported Sky News.

It was dark when authorities tried to chase the dog, making it tougher, and he sprinted around runways, according to Sky News.

3. Flights Were Delayed Before the Dog Was Shot

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According to ABC Australia, “Sixteen domestic and international flights were delayed for safety reasons at the nation’s busiest airport while the dog was on the loose for three hours.”

Sky News reported, “Auckland Airport decided to have police shoot Grizz, according to Inspector Tracy Phillips of Counties and Manukau District Police.” Phillips told the news site: “This is not an outcome which anyone wanted, and police were only asked to be involved as a last resort.”

The Guardian reported that “pilots refused to risk passenger safety by taking off with the dog on the loose.”

4. A Police Marksman Shot & Killed the Pup

The dog was so distressed that no one could lure him back, so a police marksman was deployed to shoot him to death.

“A police marksman killed the 10-month-old bearded-collie and German shorthaired pointer cross called Grizz,” reported ABC Australia.

Some question why the dog couldn’t be tranquilized instead.

5. Animal Rights Activists Are Outraged by the Animal’s Death

Angry people on social media are accusing the authorities of cold-blooded murder of the dog.

PETA Australia wrote on social media: “Grizz was shot at Auckland Airport after he ran from his handler. After flights were delayed and staff were not able to catch him, they shot him. You didn’t deserve to die, Grizz. #ShameOnAucklandAirport.”