READ: Juan Thompson’s Anti Donald Trump Twitter Rants

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Juan Thompson. (Twitter)

President Donald Trump was criticized for not speaking out fast enough against anti-Semitism after bomb threats were called into Jewish Community Centers, but it turns out the suspect arrested for some of them was no fan of Trump. He even called the president “Hitler.”

In fact, the Twitter page of Juan Thompson, who was arrested by the FBI and accused of making some of the threats, is full of criticism against Trump, including one post that advocates the president being punched, another saying the president should be taken out, and another accusing him of wanting to ethnically cleanse Chicago. He also wrote on Twitter that he was a socialist who wanted to run for mayor of St. Louis.


Trump was accused of not speaking out fast enough on the threats; bizarrely, the suspect retweeted a Hillary Clinton post chastising Trump for that. The president did condemn the threats during his speech to Congress but was then criticized of implying the Jewish community was behind him by saying, “Sometimes it’s the reverse, to make people, or to make others, look bad.” However, the criminal complaint against Thompson accuses him of making eight of the threats as part of a campaign of harassment to set up an ex girlfriend. Other threats are still being investigated. There have been nearly 100 in all, and authorities don’t believe Thompson was responsible for all of them, according to AOL.


Thompson also wrote that he wants Ronald Reagan to “rot in hell.”


He said he celebrated the death of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.


At the same time, though, Thompson – who was fired by the Intercept site in the past, reports say – was an equal opportunity political critic, once labeling Hillary Clinton a white woman phony and trashing the Democratic Party as flaccid and useless. He wrote that he was not a liberal.


When you look at Thompson’s tweets as a whole, rather than fixating on one political party or figure, he appears to be advocating for a Communist political system (expressing a desire to see America become Havana) while unleashing a steady stream of tweets against white people and white racism.

Here are some of Thompson’s tweets against Trump:





He accused the president of wanting to ethnically cleanse Chicago.







Thompson was no fan of the Democratic Party or Hillary Clinton either. Here’s some of what he wrote about them:


He also posted opposition to the choice of Tom Perez as DNC chair, saying Trump would roll over him “like one of those old cartoons.”


He had harsh words for Hillary Clinton.



He made it clear on Twitter that he opposes all presidents for their “imperialism.”


He wrote on Twitter that the FBI asked him whether he is a “Marxist.”


The complaint paints a very different picture from Thompson’s tweets. It accuses him of harassing a woman with whom he had a romantic relationship and making the bomb threats. You can read it here:

u.s. v. Juan Thompson Complaint 0 by Jessica McBride on Scribd

The complaint alleges that Thompson works at a social service organization in the New York area. It all started when, in 2015 and 2016, a woman ended her romantic relationship with him, according to the complaint. The woman’s boss then received an email the FBI is dubbing “the “Hoax News Email”). It was from “someone purporting to be a producer with a national news organization” and said the woman had been pulled over for drunk driving and was being sued for spreading a sexually transmitted disease. The FBI reviewed records and found it was sent “from an IP address that Thompson used to access one of his social media accounts.”

The complaint says the woman then received texts and emails, purportedly from a close friend and relative of Thompson, saying Thompson was the victim of computer hacking and not responsible for the “recent acts of harassment” and that he had gone into cardiac arrest after being shot in a robbery. In August 2016, the victim obtained a temporary restraining order against Thompson, according to the complaint.

The woman’s boss was contacted again. The complaint alleges that the victim then received an anonymous email with nude pictures that threatened to release them to the public. The woman’s human resources director also received an email saying the woman had threatened to kill Thompson and accusing her of being anti-Semitic.

In October, the Center for Missing and Exploited Children received an anonymous electronic communication from Thompson’s IP address, the complaint alleges, that said, “I was at a disco-tech two weeks ago and met (the victim) who said she watched child porn.” It provided her name and went into additional detail.

The complaint says that Thompson actually lives in St. Louis. A detective visited him and he claimed his email account was hacked.

Thompson then allegedly made eight threats against Jewish Community Centers, the complaint says, as “part of his campaign of harassment against the victim.”

The complaint alleges that he made threats in the victim’s name and in his name, which he claimed were an attempt by the victim to “falsely implicate Thompson.”

You can read more of Thompson’s tweets here: