LIVE STREAM: Tornadoes Damage Parts of Kansas City, Missouri

At least two tornadoes touched down in parts of Missouri on March 6, causing extensive damage to areas around Kansas City.

To watch news coverage from KMBC 9 News Kansas City, watch the above video.

One of the areas that reported some of <a href="http://” target=”_blank”>the most damage is Oak Grove, located about 25 miles east of Kansas City. The Johnson County Executive Airport, located about 25 miles south of Kansas City, also suffered extensive damage to planes on the tarmac, hangars and the facility itself.

Sni Valley Fire Chief Carl Scarborough said the initial prognosis is that there was “significant damage” throughout a wide area in Missouri.

Additional details about the damage from the storms are still filtering in and figure to be updated once daylight hits. The National Weather Service in Kansas City said it’s sending assessment teams out to survey the damage and will update reports accordingly