Miami-Dade Police Shooting: Photos Videos From the Scene

Two undercover Miami-Dade police officers were shot Monday and are in stable condition at an area hospital.

Around 10:30 p.m. EST on Monday, Miami-Dade police responded heavily to reports of two of its officers shot while working on a task force, The Miami Herald reported.

The two were reportedly working on Northwest 62nd Avenue close to 20th Street when they were followed in their minivan by what they believed to be a suspicious vehicle.

A group of men then walked past the van, turning back and opening fire.

The two officers have since been identified by authorities as Charles Woods and Terence White.

One officer was grazed with a bullet and the other one was hit in the leg and the two were rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital in the back of a pick-up truck.

Police helicopters were seen overhead of the scene and continued to respond heavily to the area late in to the night. Police said that the situation remains active.

The motive in the shooting and the shooters’ identity is not yet known.

This is an active situation and details will be updated when available.

Here’s some of the photos and videos from the scene:

The 2 Officers Were Rushed to the Hospital On a Pick-up Truck

The Officers, Wearing Jeans & Plain Shirts, Were Helped to the Emergency Room

A Heavy Police Presence Was Around the Hospital