PHOTOS: Tad Cummins & Elizabeth Thomas, Missing Teacher & Student




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Sheila Harris

This photo of him and his wife looks to be taken at the Hangout in Gulf Shores, AL. Could this be somewhere he might return to with the girl?


Right! It was reported that they could place him in Alabama somehow on Monday, maybe through the use of this cell phone or ATM card or something like that. Has this guy just completely lost touch with reality and thinks he can take this girl on a Spring Break trip to the beach like he’s her step-dad or something? O_o

Lynn A Lavelle

I don’t think he’s operating as her “step-dad.”


Why do these guys continue to mess with underage girls when they know what will happen?


Power. It makes them feel more like men to control young girls and it boosts their ego to be looked up to, to also mold their idea of a sexual servant. And they are conditioned to hate the aging female body, so they can no longer enjoy sex with human beings that aren’t pretty perfect objects. It’s not a new thing, it is almost hardwired for breeding purposes, but it is gross nonetheless.

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