Photos Surface of Tom Brady’s Stolen Super Bowl Jersey

Photos have surfaced of Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl 2017 jersey, and it still bears the marks of green turf stains.

ABC News obtained the photo above from the Mexican Attorney General’s office. “Photo shows Tom Brady’s recovered Super Bowl jersey that a former Mexican newspaper executive is accused of taking,” ABC World News tweeted.

CBS News obtained several photos from the same source:

Here are more shots:

Mauricio Ortega has been named in Mexican and American media as the journalist – and memorabilia collector – accused of stealing Tom Brady’s highly prized 2017 Super Bowl jersey.

One Mexican news site reports he’s an NFL memorabilia collector who’s shown up at auctions. La Prensa is a prominent Mexican publication.

TMZ has posted video it says is of the suspect; the footage was captured by Fox and ran during Super Bowl 2017.

The name was released in Mexican media after Houston police and the NFL confirmed on March 20 that the heist was solved; the NFL said two of Brady’s Super Bowl jerseys were found. The same suspect is accused in the media of also possessing Von Miller’s helmet, according to TMZ. Authorities have not yet released the suspect’s name, and there is no word of an arrest.

“Mauricio Ortega was dismissed a few days ago when they learned that he stole the Tom Brady jersey,” reported Beatriz Pereyra, a reporter for Proceso. Pereyra identified the suspect as “the director of the newspaper La Prensa, Mauricio Ortega. He had Brady jersey.”

The saga of Tom Brady’s missing jersey started immediately after Super Bowl 2017, when the New England Patriots’ QB revealed that he couldn’t find it. It had not previously been reported that the other jersey – from Super Bowl 2015 – or the helmet were missing.

Read more about Mauricio Ortega here: