James Ramey & Mandi Mangas: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

James Ramey & Mandi Mangas

(Screengrab via WSYX)

An Amber Alert in Ohio was ended when a suspected of murder and kidnapping was arrested in Indiana. The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio issued the alert at around 5 a.m. on March 14. The sheriff believed that 10-month-old Winston Ramey had been taken by his father, James Ramey, 27. The kidnapping took place in a home in Delta, Ohio, about 30 miles west of Toledo. It was at that home where Winston’s mother, Mandi Mangas, 23, was found dying of a gunshot wound. The home belongs to her father.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Day Before Her Death, Mangas Announced on Facebook That She Was in a New Relationship

Mandi Mangas Facebook page


Less than 24 hours before her death, Mangas updated her Facebook page to say she was in a relationship with a named Curtis Stanley. According to her page, Mangas is from Delta, Ohio, and lives in Toledo. She was a nursing student at Defiance College.

WTOL reports that after being shot, Mangas was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead. Her father says that Mangas’s last words were, “Where’s Winston?”

2. James Ramey Was Captured Alongside Mangas’s Stepmother

James Ramey Facebook page

James Ramey pictured on his Facebook page.

Mangas’s stepmother was with Ramey when he was arrested. Mangas’s father, Michael, told WTOL, that he doesn’t know if his wife, Deb Lampson Ramey, went of her own free will or was forced.

WANE reports that Ramey was arrested in Fulton County, Indiana, about 150 miles away from Delta, Ohio. He was taken into custody at around 10 a.m. on March 14. He had been driving a black 2006 Chrysler Town and County minivan.

3. One Friend Says That Ramey Once Put a Gun in Mangas’s Mouth While She Was Pregnant

Mandi Mangas Murder


A friend of Mangas’s said in a Facebook post that in the summer of 2016, Ramey put a gun in Mangas’s mouth while the victim was pregnant. The friend added that Ramey laughed as he was doing so. WTOL reports that in August 2016, Mangas got a protective order against Ramey. He was charged at the time with aggravated menacing. The station says in their report that Ramey said he was planning to kill Mangas in her sleep if she left him. He violated this order in February 2017 when he made contact with Mangas.

4. Ramey’s Facebook Page Is Being Bombarded With Hateful Messages

Winston Ramey Amber Alert


Since news of his arrest and the killing of Mangas has emerged, Ramey’s Facebook page is being bombarded with hateful messages. One person wrote, “He doesn’t deserve to be executed. That’s the easy way out. He deserves to be tortured.” On March 7, Ramey changed his Facebook profile photo to a picture of his son. He wrote in the caption, “My World.” While in the above photo, Ramey said in the caption that he couldn’t wait for Winston to change his world.

According to his page, Ramey is from Archibold, Ohio, and lives in Toledo. In the introduction to his page, he says, “Not the same James Ramey you thought you knew.”

5. The Suspect Will Be Charged With Aggravated Murder

Mandi Mangas James Ramey


Ramey will be charged with aggravated murder. In Ohio, that is defined as an ” intentional, preplanned, and premeditated act.” Ramey could face the death penalty if he is found guilty. Other penalties include 15 to life, 30 years or life.