Bootyqueen Apparel on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Women’s Workout Clothing

BootyQueen Apparel Spring RestockBy Amanda Latona Kuclo. We're so excited for our BootyQueen Spring Restock! Featuring new tank designs as well as our famous BQ Leggings: – Double Black – Storm – Blue Razz – Ideal Pink – Ideal Black – Red Velvet Cakes Get em' before they're gone at bootyqueenapparel.com2017-03-13T15:34:16.000Z

Bootyqueen Apparel entered the Shark Tank in Season 8 with their workout clothing made with women’s curves in mind. Their mission is not only have ladies looking fashionable while they work out, but also to educate them on strength training.

We interviewed husband-and-wife team, Steve and Amanda Kuclo about their Dallas-based business, which offers everything from leggings to hoodies to tank tops. Right now, their bestseller is their leggings, and they are entering the Tank to find a partner to help them raise capital for increasing inventory because they are continuously selling out.

When asked why they focus on the backside part of the body, they said, “Butts are back! Focusing on the booty has become important to a lot of women, and since Amanda was known in the industry for her amazing booty, we decided to focus on it as well. Its also about educating women on strength training, were we celebrate a woman curves.”

Here’s what else they told us about…

How the Idea Came About

Bootyqueen Apparel came about from Amanda’s success in the fitness industry, being known for her glutes and 16 years of training, specializing in glute training. Amanda wanted a one-stop shop for all things booty. A place where you can go to not only learn how to train your glutes, but also a place where you can go to get fabulous fitness apparel with designs that flatter and accentuate a woman’s curves as well as show them off. Passionate about helping and educating women, Amanda also has her blog here on the website, so its also a place where you can come to get some wisdom, encouragement, and empowerment, or just a great new recipe. Amanda has taken her expertise and put it into a brand that helps, motivates and inspires women along with a line that works in and out of the gym. 

Pros & Cons to Working With Your Spouse

The Ultimate Fit Couple: Steve Kuclo & Amanda LatonaLast month we visited the Kuclos to get a look at how these two IFBB Pros spend a typical day in Dallas, TX. Get ALLMAX Products Follow M&S: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest:

All pros and no cons. We are always together, always on the same page, best friends and love doing life together. We are a great team balancing each other out; she’s fire and I’m water. We always are communicating and have the same ambitions in life. We are newlyweds, very much in love, and we don’t just love each other, we like each other. Making daily decisions as husband and wife carries into us making daily business decisions. 

Being the Most Nervous They Had Ever Been in Their Lives in the ‘Tank’

Both Amanda and I were the most nervous we have ever been in our life! We have been on some of the biggest fitness stages around the world with thousands of people watching us with barely any clothes on and this was way more nerve-racking! Knowing the potential bite of the Sharks, you never know how they are going to view your business and being that your pitch is done in one take, there is no room to mess up your one chance to make a deal! 

How Their Appearance on the Show Came About

We have always been huge fans of the show and one night while we were watching a Shark Tank marathon, my wife took the initiative to send an email in to get accepted and we did. We are husband and wife fitness professionals that started a business that was doing really well, so we felt that Shark Tank would be the perfect place to hopefully get help from one of the Sharks. 

Running a Business in Dallas

We love living in Dallas. Real estate is great, the economy here is strong, and the fitness community in Dallas is very large. We promote and host a bodybuilding and fitness show -NPC Kuclo Classic- here in Dallas and having a career in the fitness industry, Dallas is our mecca! Dallas is also very centrally located in the US, so any meetings or appearances we have on the east or west coast are only a couple hours away.


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