PHOTOS: Brittney Singletary & Heather Thomas, Frank Artiles’ ‘Consultants’

Listed as Consultants

The Miami Herald reports that Sen. Frank Artiles listed two women - Brittney Singletary and Heather Thomas - as "consultants' in campaign finance reports. According to the Herald, "Heather Thomas, a former Hooters calendar girl and waitress at 101, a restaurant and bar in Tallahassee, was paid $2,000 between March and June of last year. The expense report lists the purpose as “consultant.” Her friend, Brittney Singletary, is a waitress at Stetsons on the Moon in Tallahassee. She was paid $1,500 with three checks covering three of the same dates and listing the same purpose." According to the Herald, the expenditures were "filed with the Florida Division of Elections by Artiles’ political committee, Veterans for Conservative Principles" and Artiles' political consultant wouldn't comment on why the women were listed as consultants. Both of the woman frequently post glamour shots on Facebook. You can see some of them in this photo gallery. Singletary has also posted on Thomas' Facebook page in the past. The consultant expenditures aren't the only controversy following Artiles, who is a state Senator. Artiles recently resigned from his job, and CBS News reports that "an alcohol-fueled obscenity and racial slur-laced tirade" cost him his position. According to CBS, Artiles officially submitted a letter of resignation on April 21. According to CBS, "Artiles was chastised for using a form of the 'n-word' during an exchange with two African-American colleagues" and also is accused of using the B-word. Monday night. The conversation came when "describing senators who supported Senate President Joe Negron’s rise to power," reports CBS. Photo: Brittney Singletary (left) and Heather Thomas. (Facebook)