David Dao & United Airlines Reach Settlement In Plane Incident

David Dao (Twitter/Instagram)

Just weeks after the disturbing incident occurred, United Airlines passenger Dr. David Dao and his attorneys have reached a settlement with the company.

Dao’s attorneys from the firm Corby & Demetrio released a statement April 27 saying that the two parties have come to an agreement on a monetary settlement that is considered “amicable.”

However, one of the provisions of the settlement made by United is that the monetary amount be kept confidential. Dao and his attorneys agreed to the provision.

Dao’s attorney Thomas A. Demetrio praised United CEO Oscar Munoz, saying that the airline has taken “full responsibility for what happened on the flight.”

See below for the full statement released by the law firm:

Video of Dao being forcibly removed from the April 9 United flight from Chicago to Louisville went viral almost immediately and led to widespread criticism of the airline and its way of handling the situation.

In the video shot by passengers aboard the plane, three security officers speak with Dao before one of them yanks him into an aisle and drags him down toward the exit.

Before being pulled by the arm, Dao lets out an audible scream and appeared to be bloodied. He returned to the plane a few minutes later and clutched to drapery in the back while blood streamed down his face.

Watch two different angles from the removal in the video below:

Dao and his wife were two of four people randomly selected by United leave the plane because it needed room for four crew members. He refused to leave the plane multiple times, saying he had clients to meet in the morning in Louisville.

United has since apologized numerous times for the way it happened.

Dao’s attorneys said in an April 13 press conference that he suffered a concussion, a broken nose and the loss of his two front teeth because of the incident.

Dao and his attorneys had threatened to sue United, however were willing to work with the company on a settlement, which was worked out in three-and-a-half weeks.


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I’ll bet he doesn’t have to get home to see patients anymore.

up yours

Good for him!
Next time they will think twice about profiling someone .


He wasn’t profiled…! He was chosen at random to give up his seat..!! Get your facts straight..!

up yours

No he was profiled !

He was profile as a passenger that had no rights whatsoever, with the airline .

They profile him ,as someone they can throw off the airplane to suit their needs !

The needs of the airline was greater than the customer !!

In other words they profile all customers less then the airline employees .

In doing there classification profiling, ended up, with the airline paying a out-of-court settlement .

Now next time, when they profile their paying customers as less than their employees they will think twice !

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