LIVE STREAM: Donald Trump Speaks at National Building Trades Unions Conference

The third day of the North American Building Trades Unions Conference is taking place Tuesday, and President Donald Trump is giving his remarks.

Watch a live stream of Trump’s speech in the video above.

The conference is taking place in Washington D.C. and brings together construction workers in North America with a purpose of creating more jobs, achieving living wages and protecting benefit standards, its “About Us” section on its website says.

The NABTU has worked together to provide a voice in government for construction workers. Its membership are also members of 14 national and international union affiliates.

This year’s conference is focused on not only crating jobs, but playing a vital role in repairing America’s crumbling infrastructure.

In the speech, Trump applauded the effort of the NABTU’s members, calling them “builders” before referring to himself as a “builder” as well.




President Trump is a builder and also also a developer. He also knows the trades that are associated with building.

He gave a historic presentation on his expertise to the Congress in front of Jeff Sessions that started their friendship, to end the waste, fraud, and abuse in government projects. He stated as much in his campaign, but the press thought this was all talk, that’s why they missed his threat to win the Rust Belt, which will also be how he gets re-elected. Yes, 8 years of Trump. Get used to it snowflakes!

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