PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Pikeville Nazi Rally & Antifa Protest

A group of neo Nazis held a rally in Pikeville, Kentucky complete with Hitler salutes.

Photos and videos filled the Internet as the Nazis were met by counter protesters. It was a disturbing display of pro Nazi sentiments in an American city, countered by what is called “antifa” or anti-Fascist protests.

According to the Guardian, Matthew Heimbach, the leader of the Traditionalist Worker Party, “said the groups staging the rally would come with armed security officials, who would carry AR-15 rifles and wear body armor.”

The white nationalists were armed with assault riles, reported one observers on Twitter.

At one point, the crowd was videotaped “giving Hitler salute and chanting hail Heimbach,” according to a freelance photojournalist at the scene. Open “Sieg Heil” gestures were seen on the streets of Pikeville.

Here are more photos and videos from the scene:

People expressed shock on social media at the blatant displays of hate. “This is happening today in Pikeville, Kentucky, where my mom is from, where my grandmother lives, where I spent a bunch of my childhood,” wrote one man on Twitter.

There was a strong police presence as the “alt right” descended on Pikeville.

Others felt the Nazis were unfairly bringing bad media attention to Kentucky. Wrote one man, “Why is it that Kentucky is usually ignored by the media until the neo-nazis show up in Pikeville? Not really proud of that tbh.”

Others responded, “Punch a Nazi in the face, every nation every race.” Antifa slogans were seen; the term refers to anti-fascist activism.

According to Guardian reporter Lois Beckett, people shouted “Scum!” at “each other across the barricades.”

A woman wrote on Twitter, “My brother is in Pikeville where antifas and a socialist white nationalist group are rallying. No violence just yelling at the moment.” An activist noted, “#Antifa actually marching up to #pikeville white supremacists with League of the South. They are greatly outnumbered.”

People filmed videos at the scene.

According to the Guardian, some of the neo Nazis expressed disappointment at Donald Trump, with one man saying he wished he hadn’t voted for Trump because he was influenced by his Jewish son-in-law.

The National Socialists carried a sign that said they were working for a “better tomorrow.”

According to the Guardian, “Pike County is 98% white; about 80% of voters there supported Trump. In choosing Pikeville for their rally, the neo-Nazis sought to attract white working families and build a more mainstream political movement.”

The rally came as Trump marked the 100th day of his presidency.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Heimbach, the organizer, is “considered by many to be the face of a new generation of white nationalists.”

The site, which tracks hate groups in American, wrote: “Matthew Heimbach founded a campus chapter of Youth for Western Civilization at Towson University in Maryland and later started the White Student Union there. He also has been a member of the neo-Confederate League of the South. Since graduating in the spring of 2013, he has entrenched himself further in the white nationalist movement and become a regular speaker on the radical-right lecture circuit.”

On the same day, there were a series of climate marches in Washington D.C. and other cities. You can see photos of the best climate march signs here:


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real life

Not sure why this article tries to demonize peaceful neo nazis when there are violent antifa (whom are literal fascists) across the street

Kentucky proud

we did not want either of those parties in our town, we are proud of our community for not going out and supporting either of those groups, they where both all about hate. We are a peaceful community we did not and still do not want any of that around here. I do not support the white supremacist and never will but. They did leave quietly while Antifa stayed around because they couldn’t get a fight out of them tried to fight out officers who where there to protect all involved and keep everyone safe. We are proud of our town and where not about to let you destroy it. They’re is no love in your hearts all you want is to fight destroy.

Darlene Gentry

I am with you all the way!!! I was born in Letcher County, but live in Ohio my Mother was from Pikeville. No HATE in my favorite​ state!!! HELL NO


Thank you for pointing out something the writer failed to include in the article… that the nationalist groups left quietly after delivering their message, causing no trouble, and without inciting or engaging in violence. The Antifa, however, stuck around and threw their temper tantrums in the streets, followed the nationalist groups back to their cars in an attempt to incite violence, and disrespected the law enforcement agents by engaging them in violence. Perhaps there’s a good reason these groups come armed…. protection, maybe? Why is it socially unacceptable to exercise your 2nd Amendment right, while expressing your 1st Amendment right, but it IS socially acceptable to “punch a Nazi in the face”? I don’t recall the article showing that any of the armed citizens encouraged their group to “shoot an Antifa in the face!” If Antifa has no qualms about fighting police, they certainly have no regard for the life of anyone they “peacefully protest” against… Recent protests across the country have turned violent, not because a right-wing person or group chose to exercise their free speech in a public setting surrounded by like-minded people who chose to attend– but because the alt-left AntiFA (Anti First Amendment) refuse to simply skip those events that don’t interest them, and insist on shutting them down “By Any Means Necessary,” including punching “Nazi’s” in the face. And police. Yet once again, another biased article labeling the permit-holding, law-abiding rally organizations as hate groups, and the violent protesters as “anti-fascist activists.” Another journalist trying to pass off the SPLC as a reliable source of information, either too lazy to do actual research or too brainwashed to form their own thoughts. Another cookie-cutter report promoting hate of and violence towards the evil white man, while patting Antifa on the back and encouraging their future violence. I am thankful they did not resort to destroying property in your beautiful town. My grandmother grew up in Betsy Lane. She was a God-fearing woman, generous her whole life through charity and volunteering, and I would never, God rest her soul, fear for her safety around ANY of the people who surrounded me at that courthouse. In fact, any one of them would have died protecting her from the protesters across the street, people who, pre-rally day, publicly suggested, promoted, and threatened violence, even raising money on GoFundMe to bus in rioters and possibly bail them out of jail. They PLANNED for violence by bussing in enough protesters to outnumber their opponent, and by having money on hand if they get arrested for breaking the law. GoFundMe allowed this, yet shut down the fundraising account set up by rally organizers to help finance the rally. They refunded money to people who WILLINGLY donated to a cause they believed in, because the company didn’t like their opinion or message. They have no problem with collecting bail money for violent criminals, yet won’t collect money for the possible victims of those crimes. I know which side of the street my grandmother would have been on– the side not punching “Nazi’s.”


Thanks, sarah. Yes , “antifa” are wards of the state, and do the bidding of their jewish benefactors in attacking healthy white people.

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