WATCH: Rivera Guerra Hitting Protester at Puerto Rican Capitol

A member of Puerto Rico’s House of Representatives sneak attacked a protester in a shocking video taken outside the island’s Capitol building. The video was taken early in the afternoon of April 27 in San Juan. The protesters can be heard shouting Rep. Jose Luis Rivera Guerra’s name at the entrance to the building. After a few seconds, Guerra appears to sucker punch a protester with an elbow.

Primera Hora reports that the protesters are picketing against Project 938 which is due to be voted on this afternoon. The victim, Julio Vargas Cruz, from the University of Puerto Rico, told the station that he has an injured eye and tongue as a result of the altercation. Cruz added that he will be making a formal complaint with the police.

Later, a video was uploaded to YouTube showing Rivera being ushered through the Capitol building by police:

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Rivera is a member of the New Progressive Party in Puerto Rico and was most recently reelected in 2016. In the past, Rivera has faced multiple ethical probes.