PHOTOS: Remembering the Life of Serena McKay

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Serena McKay

Serena McKay, a young First Nations teenager from Canada, was killed in a vicious beating that may have been captured on Facebook Live. There's a horrific video on social media, but police are stopping short of saying it features McKay. However, a school official contends it shows the young woman. One woman who knew Serena wrote on Facebook after the video was widely circulated: "Family of Serena Mckay ??? asked that people not to share video or look at is truamatizing (sic) and very tragic about what happened. Let her rest in peace." The suspects in the death attended high school with McKay, according to CBC, and the principal spoke to Canadian media about the video. Principal Claude Guimond told CBC that "a short video that has been circulating on Facebook in recent days shows what he described as a violent assault on McKay. He said he believes drugs were involved in the attack." "After seeing what I saw on the video, you know what? There's nobody in their right mind [that] would do something like that, unless they were extremely high on whatever and just totally, like, out of it," he said to CBC News. CTV News reports that Facebook took down the video after publicity about it. Heavy has reviewed versions posted online, and they show a badly beaten young woman lying on the ground. She is hit over and over again, including on the head, as female voices use expletives. "I don't want to f*cking see her alive," one girl says as the sickening thuds from the beating are heard, and you can see the victim's bloodied face. A woman who made a memorial video of photos of McKay alive wrote on Facebook, "No one deserves to have to go the way she did.. rest easy girl.. stay flying high angel ❤? September 30th 1997. April 22nd 2017.. heres a longer video to remember.. ❤ my heart goes out to all your family.. i just want everyone to forget the brutal video that's been going around.. please share for awareness that we have justice.." You can flip through photos from that video in this gallery to remember the life of Serena McKay instead of the horrific manner in which she died. McKay was reported missing on Sunday, April 23, and about two hours later, her body was found near a home in Sagkeeng, according to Huffington Post Canada. Police haven't said much about the death, but they revealed that two teenage girls are in custody and accused of murdering McKay.

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