PHOTOS: Suspect in St. Petersburg Subway Bombing Attack

An image of the alleged suspect in a bombing on a subway transit. (Twitter)

Authorities in St. Petersburg, Russia released the first images of a ‘terror suspect’ sought in an attack that killed at least 11 people and left another 50 injured at a subway station April 3.

The suspect, shown in the CCTV photos above and below, was shown on several Russian media outlets. It shows a bearded man in the subway station wearing a long, black top and a hat.

The suspect is blamed for detonating a bomb on a subway station that was loaded with shrapnel. It blew up on a train traveling between Sennaya Ploshchad and Sadovaya’s metro stations, Daily Mail reported.

Reports say that among the 50 injured are children, and a second explosive device was found and diffused nearby. It was reportedly disguised as a fire extinguisher.

The attack came on the same day that Russia President Vladimir Putin visited St. Petersburg to talk with officials from Belarus.

No terror organization has claimed responsibility for the horrific attack, but previous incidents have been blamed on ISIS and Chechens.

The bomb ripped through the metro building and left numerous passengers laying bloodied as emergency responders arrive on scene. Those wounded by the bomb were said to have shards of glass and twisted metal lodged into parts of their bodies.

Click below for more photos and videos from the scary scene in St. Petersburg.

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