Steve Stephens Photos: Pictures of Cleveland Facebook Live Shooting Suspect

A Cleveland man is at-large after he appeared to shoot and elderly man dead on Facebook live. The suspect has been named as Steve Stephens. Police in Ohio have called the shooting random. In addition to the elderly man, Stephens has claims to have shot 15 other people as part of what he's calling an "Easter day slaughter." In a press release, the Cleveland Police Department said that Stephens is wanted for murder. The elderly man was shot dead at 635 East 93rd street in the city. Lockdowns and panic has gripped Cleveland as authorities continue to search for Stephens.

Stephens Facebook page has since been removed by the social media giant. He went by the moniker Stevie Steve on the site. In the shocking video, Stephens tells the camera, "Found me somebody I’m going to kill, this guy right here, this old dude." The man attempts to shield himself as Stephens pulls the trigger. In a separate post, Stephens said he won't stop the killing until a woman, believed to be his girlfriend, and his mother call him. He added, "I'm the #goodguy." Stephens has said that some of the other bodies are located in an abandoned house. Authorities say only one murder is confirmed. During another video, Stephens said that he has "snapped" and has a "lot of built in anger and frustration."
The FBI has joined the Cleveland Police Department in the search for Stephens. Authorities have said that Stephens is driving a white Ford Fusion that has temporary tags. He appears to blame a former girlfriend for the shooting saying, "Three years I spent with this bitch ...I wish we never met." The video of the elderly man shooting includes Stephens asking the victim to say his girlfriend's name.

Stephens had been a case worker at Beech Brook, a mental health facility for children. The facility said in a statement that Stephens was based in the office but worked in the field a great deal.

Here are the photos of Stephens that you need to see:




Happy Easter to you Jesus in your life. Killing your brothers and sisters whatever you went through with your girlfriend please pray on you guys please stop killing people Jesus don’t like that at all


UNLESS of course you’re killing IN JESUS’ NAME then it’s all sorts of ok….

Rocky Burgess

Sounds like you could use a little therapy. Let’s just calm down before you do something you might regret. No one else needs to die here.


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Snapped because of some woman. Why didn’t this dindu just go and kill her then rather than random people?

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