WATCH: Steve Stephens Videos on Facebook Shooting Guns

A massive manhunt is underway in Cleveland and other states for Steve “Stevie Steve” Stephens, who is accused of randomly shooting an elderly man to death in a video posted to Facebook.

Before that horrific post, which has gone viral, Stephens posted several other videos on Facebook of himself shooting guns. You can watch them above and below. Stevens had a valid concealed carry gun permit, police say.

Stephens claimed on Facebook that he had murdered other people on Easter Sunday as well, but police have found no evidence of that so far. The elderly man who was murdered on April 15 was identified as Robert Godwin, Sr. On Facebook, Stephens went by the name of “Stevie Steve.” There is a link to the video of the actual murder below at the end of this article. Be forewarned that it is very graphic.

Facebook now says that Stephens did not use the Facebook Live streaming service but filmed and then posted the murder video to Facebook. Authorities fear he might be out of state, and the accused Facebook killer has struck fear in people throughout the Midwest and east coast. There were unconfirmed sightings of him in Philadelphia and other scares.

Stephens was no stranger to firearms, and brandishing them on social media was something he freely did; he posted a series of other videos on Facebook that show him shooting guns. Stephens posted on Facebook about shooting at a gun range and being a good shooter, and he posted videos of target practice at the gun range. Stephens says in one of his Facebook videos that he works as a case manager at Beech Brook, which is a children’s behavioral health agency that is based in northeast Ohio.

Here’s another of his Facebook gun videos:

In the murder video, Stephens is accused of approaching Godwin on video and can be heard asking “Can you do me a favor? Can you say [his girlfriend’s name]?” He then shot the man. Godwin, the victim, was described as a good man who was a father and grandfather. You can read more about his life here. In the Facebook Live video of the murder, Stephens can be seen driving down the road until he says, “Found me somebody I’m going to kill, this guy right here, this old dude.” He then gets out of his vehicle to murder Godwin after asking the man his age and demanding he say the name of Stephens’ girlfriend, Joy Lane.

Stevie Stephens Cleveland Shooting

Steve Stephens.

According to CNN, people who saw the Facebook video of the murder called police.

Since police learned of the video, Cleveland has been on high alert as fearful residents watch out for the gunman, who was still at large on the evening of April 17. Police urged Stephens to turn himself in and widely broadcast his name and vehicle in a press conference.

You can watch the Facebook Live video of the murder here. Again be aware that it is very disturbing:

Stephens also discussed his motivations in other Facebook videos. You can watch those here:

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