READ: Steve Stephens’ Family Deletes His Tweets, Issues Statement

Steve Stephens, aka “Stevie Steve.” (Twitter)

In an unverified statement posted to Twitter late Sunday evening, the family of murder suspect Steve Stephens said they no longer consider him as part of their family.

The statement was made on Stephens’ personal Twitter account that has now been deleted.

Stephens, who identifies himself on social media as “Stevie Steve,” shot and killed an elderly man in Cleveland, recorded it and published it to Facebook on Easter Sunday. He also said that he had murdered many others in what he called a “slaughter,” though police haven’t yet verified that claim.

The reason Stephens randomly murdered 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. was apparently because of growing tensions with his girlfriend, Joy Lane.

A multi-state manhunt for Stephens, who is considered by Cleveland police as armed and dangerous, is ongoing and a warrant for his arrest due to aggravated murder was issued late Sunday.

The statement expressed the Stephens family’s thoughts and offered prayers to Godwin’s family. It also said that someone from the family took the “liberty of deleting all of Steve’s tweets, as (they) don’t want any pictures of our family to be associated with this murderer.”

The statement was signed at the bottom by “The Stephen Family.” To take a look at the full family statement, read below.


Late into the evening and early into the morning April 17, authorities from all around were seen in the Cleveland area searching for Stephens via helicopter and even looking at abandoned homes.

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