Cleveland Police: $50,000 Reward Offered For Steve Stephens’ Capture

Cleveland Chief of Police Calvin Williams. (Getty)

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams and Mayor Frank Jackson announced at a press conference Monday afternoon that multiple federal agencies have combined with police to offer a reward of up to $50,000 for information leading to the location of Steve Stephens.

At the afternoon press conference, Jackson said that the $50,000 reward for tips leading to Stephens’ arrest comes from the FBI, the ATF and the U.S. Marshall Service.

“We’re still engaged in an aggressive attempt to find (Stephens) and bring him to justice,” Jackson said.

Stephens is believed to still be driving a white Ford Fusion with temporary Ohio plates reading E363630. Police said because of the nature of the crime and the ongoing manhunt, there’s no reason to believe Stephens has changed vehicles at any point.

The FBI said in a news release that Stephens currently weighs 244 pounds, stands 6-foot-1 and is bald. The release urged those with information to his arrest to call 9-1-1 or the FBI at 1-800-225-5324.

Steve Stephens FBI Poster by Chris on Scribd

Williams said that the ongoing manhunt has changed from a five-state radius to a national search, and multiple government agencies have joined in the hunt for Stephens. He urged Stephens to contact a family member, friend or pastor so the situation can be resolved without further incident.

Williams reiterated the need to proceed with caution if someone locates Stephens, who shot and killed 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. and posted a video the slaying to Facebook on April 16. He added that “without a doubt” Stephens is armed.

To watch the full press conference, which lasted about 10 minutes, hit play on the video below.

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In addition, Williams said locations where Stephens has resided have been searched and several items were recovered, including multiple weapons. He said police are investigating every tip they receive, which has amounted in “dozens and dozens” of potential leads.

Several of Stephens’ family members and friends have been interviewed by police and they remain cooperative in the investigation.

In a press conference earlier in the day, police said that they still are unaware as to where Stephens may have fled to. But a ping from Stephens’ cell phone showed that he may be in or near Erie, Pennsylvania.

To watch highlights of the morning press conference, watch the video below.

Steve Stephens 9 a.m. Press Conference Highlights from Cleveland City Hall on Apr. 17, 2017Highlights from the April 17, 2017 9 a.m. press conference about Steve Stephens, the man who recorded himself shooting and killing a random man Easter Sunday and uploading the video to Facebook.2017-04-17T13:48:38.000Z

Hours after the press conference, police confirmed that witnesses said they saw him at Fairmount Park in the Philadelphia area. As a result, nine schools within the area were put under a lockdown. Stephens was not located in the area after thorough searches.

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