PHOTOS: Sweden Terror Attack Truck Ramming

Terror Attack in Sweden

Police work at the scene where a truck crashed into the Ahlens department store at Drottninggatan in central Stockholm, April 7, 2017. A large truck rammed into a crowd of people in Sweden in what officials are calling a terrorist attack. Video showed pedestrians frantically fleeing the scene, and the scene was reminiscent of other recent truck attacks in which terrorists wielded large vehicles into crowds of pedestrians. Yahoo News reported that the vehicle used by the terrorist was a beer truck the terrorist used to slam into a department store, killing three pedestrians. Photos showed a crumpled body lying in a sidewalk. The truck caught fire after the attack. Terrorists have also used trucks to ram into crowds in terrorist attacks in Nice, France, Berlin Germany, and, most recently, London, England. The Sweden attack following the modus operandi of the others, in which a man wielded a large truck as a weapon, smashing randomly into innocent pedestrians. Video of the suspect's arrest also circulated, although it was not yet clear who the suspect was in Sweden and whether he was tied to ISIS. Sweden had not seen a terrorist attack since 2010, according to Yahoo News. The Sweden attack comes the day after Trump attacked a Syrian airfield he says is responsible for a chemical attack that killed men, women, and children. However, it's not clear where is any nexus between the Swedish terror attack and what happened in Sweden. Photos showed the large truck sticking out of the side of the department store. CNN reported that the attack occurred in a busy shopping center in Stockholm, and photos show the scene. The Associated Press reported that one person had been arrested in the Swedish terror attack. (Getty)