WATCH: Tewksbury Carjacking Video at Gas Station

Tewksbury, Massachusetts police have released surveillance video of a dramatic carjacking at a gas station. You can watch the video above.

In it, the male suspect brazenly walks up to a woman who is pumping gas at a gas sation and gets in and takes off with her car after a brief struggle. The woman tried in vain to hold onto the car but ended up being dragged for several feet, the video shows.

The Lowell Sun reported that police were pursuing a “gas-soaked man.” The newspaper reported that the quick-thinking motorist sprayed the suspect with gasoline, saturating him with it, before he took off with her car anyway.

Police in Massachusetts say the car was later recovered, but the suspect is at large. Police also released photos of the suspect in the carjacking:

CBS Local in Boston reported that the incident occurred around 7:30 p.m. on April 1 at Circle K gas station on Andover Street. According to the television station, the car was later found in Lowell, Massachusetts, but the suspect was still being sought on April 1.

Here’s another view:

Television stations said the suspect was on the loose.

Reported the Lowell Sun, “The woman was pumping gas when she was attacked by a suspect described only as a white male and struggled with him at the gas pump, spraying him with him gas in the process, according to police radio broadcasts.”

The man threatened that he had a weapon but none was seen, and the motorist was taken to the hospital but doesn’t have life-threatening injuries, the newspaper reported.