Venezuela Protest Against Government: Photos & Videos From the Scene

Venezuelan opposition activists take part in a protest (Juan Barreto/Getty)

Massive anti-government protests in Venezuela have turned deadly, with three deaths being reported after Wednesday’s “mother of all protests.”

Activists are calling for President Nicolas Maduro to resign because of the economic crisis that has hit the country. There have been large food shortages and also triple-digit inflation in the country, which has led to the unrest with its people.

Anti-government protesters have been taking part in rallies being held in Caracas and various other cities around the country the past few weeks, but the most recent development was one of the largest gatherings of demonstrators yet.

In the previous protests, five people died when the protests turned into violent clashes between protesters and security forces, and that seems to be the case yet again.

The “mother of all protests” rally, which started Wednesday, was organized by Venezuela’s opposition coalition, called the Democratic Unity Roundtable. Despite the protesters’ calls for the country’s military to turn on Maduro, Defense Minister Padrino Lopez said the army will remain loyal to him.

In the midst of the protests on April 19, General Motors announced that it will stop its operations in Venezuela. The reason for pulling out of the country is because authorities had seized control of its factory. The Detroit-based vehicle manufacturer called the takeover an “illegal judicial seizure of its assets,” the Associated Press reported.

GM said in a statement issued April 20 that cars and assets were stolen from its plant in Venezuela, which has caused “irreparable damage” to the company and ultimately led to the withdrawl.

“(GM) strongly rejects the arbitrary measures taken by the authorities and will vigorously take all legal actions, within and outside of Venezuela, to defend its rights,” the company said in a statement.

GM has close to 3,000 workers in Venezuela and 79 dealers that also employ 3,900 people in the country.

Here are photos and videos from the intense protests and clashes with security forces:

Protesters Could Be Seen for Miles On the Streets In the ‘Largest Protest’ In Venezuela’s History

A Woman Refused to Move From In Front of a Military Vehicle

Protests Continue to Turn Ugly With Clashes Against Security Forces

Tear Gas Was Launched Against Protesters

Protesters Marched on Highways In the Country, Shutting Down the City

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Have the leftists in power there called these people “nazis” yet? Blamed the russians for fake news, getting the “uneducated nazis” in the streets to think they don’t live in a leftist workers paradise?

That’s so weird. Where are out hollywood multi millionaires? Are they down there again proclaiming venezuela a the model for all oil rich nations?
Or have the russian nazis surrounded them in their malibu mansions so they can’t leave?

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