WATCH: Jon Ossoff Cosplays as Han Solo in College

30-year-old Jon Ossoff may become the next Congressman to represent Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.

Ossoff is a millennial, and so a victory would be seen as symbolic of a backlash to President Donald Trump among younger voters. Throughout this special election, Ossoff has been repeatedly attacked by his opponents for being too young and inexperienced, and back in March, a political action committee unearthed footage of Ossoff dressed as Han Solo from the Star Wars series.

In an ad released by the Congressional Leadership Fund, Ossoff is seen with his friends from Georgetown University in costume as Han Solo.

“I’m Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon,” Ossoff says in the footage. “She’s the baby that ran four kegs by DOPS in under three parsecs.”

The campaign ad frames this as a negative thing, showing a clip of Ossoff talking about his national security advisory experience with the narrator saying, “Ossoff wasn’t exactly fighting against terrorism. He was fighting against restrictions on keg parties. You see, Ossoff was just a college kid, doing things like dressing up with his drinking buddies and pretending to be Han Solo.”

The Congressional Leadership Fund later released a second ad which once again used the same clip of Jon Ossoff dressed up on Han Solo; this one suggests that voters shouldn’t want someone like Ossoff to make life-or-death decisions.

A progressive super PAC supporting Jon Ossoff soon released their own ad completely embracing Jon Ossoff’s love of Star Wars. The ad was titled “Jon Ossoff: A New Hope,” a reference to the subtitle of the original Star Wars movie.

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