Dana White Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dana White Net Worth

UFC President Dana White (Getty Images)

Dana White, former UFC co-owner and current president, is worth an estimated $500 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Most recently, White has been working to get the Conor Mcgregor vs. Floyd Mayweather fight finalized. White, who recently said that UFC fighter Conor McGregor has come to an agreement on a contract for a “straight-up boxing match” with Mayweather, still works for the UFC since he and his partners sold the company.

Here’s what you need to know about White’s wealth:

1. White Made $360 Million From the Sale of the UFC

Dana White net worth

Dana White at the UFC 205 press conference at Madison Square Garden (Getty)

The sale of the UFC for $4 billion to WME-IMG group, earned White, who owned nine percent of the UFC at the time, around $360 million. According to ESPN, the $4 billion deal is the largest in professional sports history.

White was co-owner of the UFC with brothers Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, both of whom White knew from his childhood. The Fertitta brothers owned 80 percent of the company at the time of it’s sale.

White, 47, was born in Manchester, CT but spent his youth going back and forth between Las Vegas and Maine. He opened up a boxing program for at risk children in Boston around the time he attended Boston University, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

White’s yearly salary at the time of the UFC sale was around $20 million, according to FIGHTSTATE.

2. White Signed a Deal With UFC’s Current Owners That Pays Him a Percentage of Profits

Dana White net worth

UFC President Dana White (Getty)

According to ESPN, White signed a new deal for five years that gives him nine percent of the UFC’s profits.

ESPN estimated that the UFC probably nets around $200 million a year. That would put White’s current yearly salary at around $18 million, which could go higher as the business grows.

3. White and the Fertitta Brothers Bought the Business For $2 Million in 2001

Dana White net worth

Lorenzo Fertitta, mixed martial arts champion Junior don Santos, Dana White and Frank Fertitta. (Getty)

The UFC, based in Las Vegas, NV, held their first event in 1993. The company slowly grew until the Fertitta brothers and White took over in 2001. The UFC’s popularity climbed under White’s management partially due to greater advertising, corporate sponsorship, and it’s return to cable pay-per-view and subsequent home video and DVD releases.

White has credited some of the UFC’s rise in popularity to the 2005 reality-show The Ultimate Fighter, which featured up-and-coming MMA fighters in competition for a six-figure UFC contract. The show was popular and brought a larger audience to the UFC.

After several mergers and television deals, the UFC’s popularity increased dramatically, to the point that it was bought for $4 billion in 2016.

4. The Mayweather/McGregor Fight Could Make White Even More Wealthy

Dana White separates Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor (Getty)

The Mayweather vs. McGregor fight, if it happens, could be one of the most lucrative fights in history.

White told Fox Sports that he thinks Floyd would get around $100 million for the fight and McGregor will get around $75 million for the fight.

The fight could be the most expensive pay-per-view of all time and shatter any previous pay-per-view earnings.

5. White Has Been Charitable With His Money and Time

Dana White net worth

Holly Madison and Dana White (Getty)

White has donated $100 thousand to marathon fundraisers and also donated $100 thousand to fix up the Hermon athletic complex, according to FIGHTSTATE. White donated $50,000 to the Francisco Espinoza Foundation in 2010. White also donated $8,000 to help pay for brain tumor treatment of a two-year-old girl. The girl’s father had asked White to help by donating to her fund raising website and he did, according to a UFC Community Commitment site.

White told CNBC:

“We’re a big supporter of military. You know, there’s lots of organizations that we donate money to or we take things here in Las Vegas. But, our real charity is the military. The troops that are coming home injured, with traumatic brain injury, you know, lost limbs and things like that.”

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