Dina Manzo & David Cantin Home Invasion: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Reality television star Dina Manzo and her boyfriend David Cantin were subject to a harrowing home invasion over the weekend, according to NBC 4 New York. They report that two men broke into their home and proceeded to bound and gag them, as well as physically attack them for the duration of their stay.

Learn about the home invasion, as well as the relationship between Manzo and Cantin, with these five fast facts.

1. Manzo and Cantin Began Dating In 2015

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Manzo and Canlin began seeing each other in 2015, not long after both had divorced from their respective spouses. When asked about it, Canlin told Daily Mail that he was indeed seeing the reality star, but that it was not, as some believed, to be the cause of his divorce: “I’ve been separated for more than a year and met Dina after that separation. I filed for divorce in January.”

A source close to the couple claimed that Canlin is Manzo’s “sugar-daddy. He’s the one who’s put her up in California. She lived in Malibu for a while but now she’s in Beverly Hills and he’s paying the bills. he flies out to be with her and stays at her place and she goes back and forth between California and New York a lot to see him. She stays in a hotel when she visits.”

2. The Attackers Physically Beat Them

According to NBC 4 New York, Manzo and Canlin walked into their home in Holmdel on Saturday night to discover two men wearing masks. Sources and law enforcement officials report that the men had broken in shortly before the couple’s arrival.

The men then rushed towards them, hitting Canlin with a baseball bat several times, and punching Manzo in the face. The couple was then bound together in their home, as the men ransacked the house for valuables. The names of Manzo and Canlin were initially withheld by officials, but NBC 4 New York confirmed that it was indeed the celebrity couple.

3. The Attackers Stole An Undetermined Amount

In the wake of the physical attack, police report that the two unidentified men took all the cash and jewelry they could find before departing. It has yet to be claimed just how much was stolen, but given Canlin’s line of work, it’s safe to assume it was a large amount.

Canlin is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with a lengthy track record of monetary success. At age 20, he was earning $300,000 as one of the youngest finance managers in the car business, and he would eventually go on to become co-owner of co-owner of the largest car dealership in the world– turning sales of a few hundred cars sold per year to over 7,500 and leading to the building of one of the largest indoor showrooms.

4. Manzo Has A Net Worth of $4.5 Million

While not as massive as her millionaire hubby, Manzo has amassed a sizable gross from her work in reality television. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she has an estimated net worth of $4.5 million. This is made up mostly of the work she has done on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and the subsequent reality shows Dina’s Party, which aired on HGTV in 2011, and Mad Fashion, also in 2011.

In addition to these ventures, Manzo has worked as an interior designer for several years, and is actively involved in several charities– most notably, Project Ladybug, which is dedicated to helping children with cancer.

5. Both Are Expected to Make A Speedy Recovery

Manzo and Canlin were both found badly beaten by the police, with facial lacerations and bruising. This is especially concerning the for the latter, as Conlin was diagnosed with leukemia several years ago and is a pediatric cancer survivor. In fact, it was Manzo who helped him through this difficult time, as he told Daily Mail: “I’m in full remission and as healthy as you are but yes Dina was there for me through some difficult times and she helped me through them.” Thankfully, both Manzo and Canlin are said to make a speedy recovery from their injuries.

Anyone with information on the home invasion is asked to contact Detective Eric Hernando of the Holmdel Township Police Department at (732) 946-2820 or Detective Wayne Raynor of the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office at (800) 533-7443.

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