WATCH: Donald Trump Speech in Saudi Arabia

President Trump Participates in the Arab Islamic American SummitLive coverage of this event has concluded. Drag the counter along the timeline below the stream to replay.2017-05-20T22:47:27Z

President Donald Trump delivered a speech in Saudi Arabia today. You can watch the full video above.

Trump spoke at the Arab Islamic American Summit to 50 Muslim countries in order to call for unity in the fight against radicalism.

The president, who during the campaign called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” is expected to soften his tone on Islam today, stressing that the fight against ISIS is a battle between good and evil.

“We are not here to lecture — to tell other peoples how to live, what to do or who to be,” a draft of the speech reads, according to The Associated Press. “We are here instead to offer partnership in building a better future for us all.”

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump regularly criticized Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama for not using the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” when they speak about the fight against ISIS. It will be worth watching Trump’s speech today, then, for any uses of this phrase; an early draft of the speech reported on by The Associated Press did not feature the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”

During the course of this trip abroad, the Trump administration hopes to fight back against the perception that the president is anti-Muslim. Not long after taking office, Trump signed an executive order suspending immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, but Saudi Arabia was not included as one of the banned countries.

“We thought that was very important (to start the trip in Saudi Arabia) because obviously people have tried to portray the President in a certain way,” a senior White House official told CNN. “We thought that was a good place to start. And, look, I mean, one of the biggest problems that we face in the world today is radical extremism, and we have to combat that.”
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