WATCH: Gabriel Taye Bullied, Assaulted at School Before Committing Suicide

(Cincinnati Public Schools)

A disturbing video released by Cincinnati Public Schools on Friday shows 8-year-old Gabriel Taye being bullied and assaulted at school two days before he committed suicide.

The security camera video, taken from a hallway camera, shows Taye inside Carson Elementary School being assaulted by another student in a restroom. He’s pulled to the ground by the student in the bathroom and his legs are shown in the bathroom’s doorway.

Taye laid on the ground as other children step over him with a few stopping to check on his well being. At one point in the video, an adult staff member is seen in the hallway and seems to be unaware that Taye is laying unconscious nearby in the doorway.

As multiple students stop over his motionless body, a few seem to kick and nudge him. Five minutes after Taye hit the ground, an adult was alerted by students and staff responded to check on him.

Watch the full security camera footage from the incident in the video below.

CPS said that after reviewing the video, officials discussed whether or not the video should be published.

“We felt this video added to the public knowledge about what happened in this case,” the school system said in an accompanying news release. “We believe parents and members of the community have the right to important information that helps them understand how safe students at local schools are.”

The Cincinnati Enquirer obtained a police report that included Cincinnati Police Homicide Detective Eric Karaguleff describing the January 24 as criminal assault.

“I witnessed behavior that in my belief is bullying and could even rise to the level of criminal assault,” he said, adding that the ages of the perpetrators played a factor in the decision not to file charges.

Officials at Cincinnati Public Schools initially refused to release the assault, but then said it would do so once it was edited by a third party to protect identities.

Two days after the bullying incident, Taye came home from school, went into his bedroom and hung himself with a knotted necktie.

No charges were filed in the matter, however Hamilton County Coroner Lakshmi Sammarco said she requested police reopen the investigation, implying that Taye’s death could possibly be ruled a homicide as a result of the bullying suffered. She’s since made the decision to review all new information in relation to the Taye’s death and asked authorities to treat the matter “as a homicide” until it’s proven otherwise.

“There’s enough information here that we would like to reopen the case to look at whether we need to amend the death certificate,” Sammarco said on May 11 on WLW Radio. “It was very hard for me to believe that an 8-year-old would even know what it means to commit suicide and so I asked Cincinnati police to treat this as a homicide until proven otherwise and investigate it fully.”


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This is totally DISGUSTING & Unacceptable!!! Why were paramedics not called in right away by that fat man who 1st checked on him??? Did he not have a cell phone on him? Why not the other adults there NOT calling for PROFESSIONAL help for this poor child!!! OUTRAGEOUS!!!
ALL those kids who just walked by & the little SOB who obviously STOMPED at him & then walked out are PUTRID pieces of GARBAGE! This is what they’re taught to do??? Walk on by, like nothing is wrong & STOMP on a kid who’s down??? PARENTS??? TEACHERS??? This is the GARBAGE YOU’RE RAISING & society will have to be footing the bills for, b/c they are WORTHLESS POS in Humanity as adults???!!!
DEFINITELY MURDER CHARGES!!! TOSS THE LITTLE BASTARD IN JUVIE & THEN TO ADULT PRISON FROM THERE! TOSS THE KEY OUT ON HIM!!! If he does this now, he’s LOST already & will just be worse as he ages, doing more COLD HEARTED CRIMES against INNOCENT people!
Kids today are in A LOT of trouble. They have been coddled & ‘taken care of’ & shown NO consequences to their BAD behavior. They grow up feeling ‘Entitled’ to do whatever the hell they please & ‘adults’ just continue to placate them.
Good, old fashioned spankings need to be brought back to take back control of things. In the home AND in schools! LET ‘EM RIP!!!
For starters….


I Agree with You 100% Everything you said is absolutely True !!


Gabriel made the mistake that dooms a lot of black kids in government/public union ran schools–he was “acting white”.
Leftists don’t have any idea what I’m talking about as 99.99% of them are affluent white people whose only experience around people not of their race is an affirmative action hire co-worker or an affirmative action college student at their mostly white universities.


Why would she have to reopen the case? should have never been closed. This is bull this happens to a kid. Why aren’t teachers or staff monitoring the bathrooms during breaks? There needs to be some street justice. Where is black lives matter in this?


Schools want this stuff to just go away, so they don’t have to deal with the attackers parents going ape on them. DeDumDum is a good boy. He ain’t did nuffin’.


This is the black race in the USA. The vast majority are nothing but lowlife garbage that should never be allowed to be in public. Something has to be done to keep blacks in check. THIS is why Trump got elected. He might be a total fol, but at least he knows who commits the crimes, and has vowed to put them in prison. Throw the kid away, along with the parent. Prison is where they all belong.

After u enslave the blacks. u add insult to injury. take off the white sheet,your white jesus is in the white house now. the heaven u r going 2 will have only people that look like u.good luck.


U then lost yo ever lasting mind… Lol. Smh. And I bet you’re either white or Mexican.. Such very small mind u have for such an ignorant comment of such….


Absolutely!!! This is probably one of the most heartbreaking situations I’ve ever seen!!! Yes, why didn’t the first guy call paramedics! What the hell!!! What if the kid had a concussion, or other internal injuries? What kind of school is this? These kids need to have a record!! The parents of those kids should be charged as well! Disgusting!!


8 year olds shouldn’t be committing suicide. Those responsible for bullying him should be brought up on murder charges… Shameful….


So much for that black lives matter crap. They don’t.

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