PHOTO: George W. Bush & Bono Hang Out at Crawford Ranch

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George W. Bush and Bono. (Instagram/George W. Bush)

Who knew these guys were friends?

It’s not quite Elvis meeting Nixon, but a photo of George W. Bush hanging out with Bono has gone viral.

George W. Bush and Bono posed together for the photo at Bush’s Crawford, Texas ranch. The former president shared the snap on Instagram on May 27. Maybe it’s not that surprising. The president and singer share a common cause: Fighting AIDS in Africa. They’ve been working together on the issue for years.

“Bono is the real deal,” wrote Bush on Instagram. “He has a huge heart and a selfless soul, not to mention a decent voice. @laurawbush and I are grateful he came to the ranch to talk about the work of @thebushcenter, @onecampaign, @PEPFAR, and our shared commitment to saving lives in Africa.”

Here’s the photo as President Bush shared it:

According to ABC News, the U2 singer was in Texas to perform at a sold-out concert in Richardson when he decided to swing by the Bush ranch.

“Both men have been active in efforts to end the AIDS epidemic in Africa. Bush created PEPFAR, the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, while Bono co-founded ONE, a global campaign and advocacy organization that rallies around AIDS awareness and anti-poverty initiatives,” ABC News reported.

According to The Hill, “Since leaving office, the Bush Institute has worked to globally combat cancer strains that specifically affect women, like cervical cancer, through the affiliated group Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon.”

The Hill noted that the men had a serious discussion at the ranch. “Bono met with Bush and his wife Laura at their Texas ranch where they discussed their advocacy efforts to combat disease and poverty in Africa,” reported The Hill.

People on Twitter dubbed the friendship a “bromance,” although some expressed surprise that Bush and Bono are pals. Others said it’s not that surprising considering their mutual efforts in Africa.




Yes!… but Bono (I don’t imagine!) wants to volunteer to be an “Auxiliary FBI Agent”! Bono has seen Jon Stewart’s and Stephen Colbert’s takes on the Bush years, and has even appeared on both shows!… and so, he appreciates the concerns! Nevertheless!… Bono sees a “leveraging point”– he feels!– on the Aids issue!… so has forged ahead with a “hopeful gameplan”! And… and to be honest!… now that the “heat” has shifted from George to Trump, Bono feels it’s best to act when the iron is hot! But!… and if Bono were to read my response… I’d direct him to DrDay(dot)com, for proofs on the origins of the Aids virus!… and afterupon a careful study, he may think twice about getting as close as he has to “industrial military politics”!
Please!… no emails!


Please!… no emails!… Jesus is Lord!

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