H.A. Goodman vs. Jordan Chariton: Why Are They Fighting Online? [VIDEOS]

Screenshots from Jordan Chariton and H.A. Goodman’s videos about each other. (YouTube & Facebook)

Two popular Progressive reporters have started battling online, and anyone who’s just jumping on social media and seeing their angry tweets and videos might be a little confused as to exactly what is going on. H.A. Goodman and Jordan Chariton of The Young Turks both grew in popularity during the 2016 Presidential campaign. Goodman has been an avid supporter of Bernie Sanders, calling out the Democratic party when he saw signs of dishonesty. Chariton has been a popular reporter on Progressive topics, even when Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks lost some followers when he supported Hillary Clinton after Sanders endorsed her. (Note: Chariton once interviewed this reporter during the primaries about voter fraud, and this reporter has quoted both Chariton and Goodman in previous stories.)

In the last 24 hours, these two reporters have been battling over the definition of Progressivism and other accusations. Niko House and Tim Black have also joined the discussion, since they were both mentioned in Chariton’s video too.

So what exactly is happening and how did this all get started? We’ll walk you through it step by step and let you draw your own conclusions about who is right and who is wrong (or if both sides are.) Leave your comments at the end of this story and let us know what you think.

The Battle Began When Chariton Went Live on TYT Politics’ Facebook Page, Saying that Goodman And Others Were Acting Unreasonably

The battle began yesterday, with a live video from Chariton. He had a message that he really wanted to share, about concerns he had that certain Progressives were acting unreasonably. He shared the video live and even waited to start his message because he wanted as many people to hear it as possible. The message is 30 minutes long and you can watch it below.

Chariton started out by saying that he felt some Progressives were trying to build audiences fraudulently. He said that early in his career, he worked for Fox News and learned “how successfully media and individuals can be when they prey on people’s anger… economic insecurity… (and) worst instincts.” He said people can build a huge following that way.

“Being Progressive is supposed to mean progress, not censorship, not ‘if you disagree, you’re a sellout.’ Not ‘if you say something and you’re not as angry as me, I’m boycotting you.'”

He went on to talk about how some people viewed The Young Turks that way, because after the primary, they pivoted to supporting Hillary Clinton following Bernie Sanders’ endorsement.

But the part that was most controversial and started the online battle you’ve been seeing was when he spoke about specific members of the media. In particular, he called out H.A. Goodman, saying that he reported “a lot of things that were not factual” and after the primary “came up with half-baked theories about how Bernie was still going to win.” Chariton went on to say that he believed Goodman was doing this “because he was getting clicks.” He added: “There was a very large, angry following of Bernie Sanders supporters that were susceptible to people like him… And he’s not the only one. But this is a Fox News method…”

At one point Chariton called out Tim Black in his video too, but later said that was a mistake and got his name mixed up with someone else.

“I don’t have a problem with H.A. Goodman… with Niko. I think the more independent media the better. But what I do have a problem with is … Because a segment was done and some things were said that you don’t agree with, you are essentially calling for people to not watch TYT. To basically boycott it because the two hosts…aren’t true believers. … I’m not going to do a channel where I have to cater to people who only want to see the world in one way. … I believe there’s a real enemy… [it’s] Chuck Schumer … Nancy Pelosi … the Clintons … Mitch McConnell … Paul Ryan… big oil… big pharma… corporate media…”

Here’s the original video that Goodman made about the DNC lawsuit, which Chariton referenced in his video above and that Goodman later referenced in his response to Chariton:

VideoVideo related to h.a. goodman vs. jordan chariton: why are they fighting online? [videos]2017-05-05T20:08:25-04:00

And here’s The Young Turks panel about the DNC lawsuit that Goodman was addressing (and that Tim Black talks about in a video shown in a section later in this article):

DNC Lawyer: Party Didn't Have To Be Impartial In Sanders Clinton PrimaryIn a recent court case a DNC lawyer admitted they weren't legally required to be impartial in the 2016 primary election. John Iadarola, Michael Shure and Mark Thompson, the host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Read more here: lawnewz.com/high-profile/dnc-lawyer-reportedly-said-they-could-have-chosen-between-clinton-sanders-over-cigars-in-back-rooms/ "A class-action lawsuit by…2017-05-02T01:30:00.000Z

H.A. Goodman Shared an Angry Video Response Saying That Chariton Was Wrong And He Had Never Reported Anything Not Factual

When Goodman found out about Chariton’s video, he shared his own angry video response, refuting some of the things Chariton had said about him. You can watch the video below. (Note: There is some foul language in the video):

VideoVideo related to h.a. goodman vs. jordan chariton: why are they fighting online? [videos]2017-05-05T20:08:25-04:00

Goodman responded first by listing his credentials and saying he had built all his subscribers on his own, without anyone’s help. He started out by addressing Chariton and said he respected Chariton greatly, and said that he thought Cenk had Chariton say those things.

Goodman said, in part: “I never said anyone’s a sellout. Go to that YouTube segment… did I ever say that anyone was a sellout? … The Young Turks is a neoliberal machine. You’re not Jordan, you do amazing work … But you called me out because your boss told you to… He’s viewed as a sellout by millions of people. Sorry, that’s just the way people view him. So don’t come at me.”

Goodman then went on to reiterate that he doesn’t manipulate people or post things that are fabricated. “I never silence anyone. …  You said that I reported on things that weren’t factual. Why don’t you list them and I will tear them apart? They will published in places that don’t publish things that aren’t factual… After he [Bernie] endorsed Clinton, I never said he was going to win.”

Goodman went on to say that he was suspicious about TYT.  “You are an amazing journalist Jordan… but at the same time there’s a philosophical dilemma… If you continually point out Democratic corruption…and then suddenly embrace the establishment pick, it’s the same recipe for a Trump win. If it’s not Bernie Sanders or Nina Turner or Tulsi Gabbard in 2020, Trump will win…”

Goodman concluded by saying that he planned to write more about The Young Turks in the future and he believed TYT was a “neoliberal powerhouse.”

“Maybe I’ll write articles that go viral,” Goodman said. “Bottom line is, you talk about fearmongering and silencing and not even debating, how about debating me?”

Since the First Two Videos, There Have Been Many Exchanges on Social Media

Since the video, Goodman has been on a tweet storm with response after response. Here are a few of his tweets about the whole thing:

In his original video, Goodman said he had never called anyone a sellout, but had reported that other people were doing so. After Chariton’s video, he decided to start calling Cenk a sellout:

Although Chariton initially said he wasn’t going to say anything else about the topic after his first video, he has made some responses online since then too. First, he disputed Goodman’s video and said that Cenk had no idea what he was going to talk about and had not instructed him to make the video about Goodman and other Progressives:

He also had some other responses about the whole thing:

Chariton wrote a longer note about the whole thing on Facebook. You can read it here. Then on Saturday morning, he shared another note addressing Goodman and House (but not Black.) Here are a few things he wrote, since the note itself cannot be embedded due to technical issues. First, Chariton wrote that he felt Goodman has left out important points in his video addressing a segment on TYT about the DNC lawsuit (you can see Goodman’s video earlier in this story.) Chariton wrote that he felt Goodman should have included a clip of John Iadarola criticizing the DNC lawyer’s tone deaf comments, and Michael Shure’s later apology on Twitter.

Chariton continued, noting that he also did his video because of a video Niko House had made about TYT fundraising money. He wrote: “Niko did a conspiracy video with the angle, ‘where is the fundraiser money people gave to TYT going,’ acting like it’s a mystery and suggesting TYT is doing something shady with people’s money. That is a VERY serious accusation to make against an individual or corporation…” He went on, writing that House hadn’t contacted TYT about the story. “Believe it or not, I like Niko,” Chariton wrote. “He is a hard worker and wants to expose a lot of the same injustices I want to. Benefit of the doubt to him–this was probably just a sloppy error (I have made plenty in my career).” Chariton then went on to talk about House’s work with Truth Against the Machine (Chariton’s new independent news network) and that he let House go when they had to downsize.

Chariton continued on his Facebook note. “I have worked my ass off for 13 years to get to where I am-unpaid internships, unpaid jobs, SLEEPING IN MY CAR, having no personal life, and sacrificing my health….  On the campaign trail and Standing Rock I was hobbling around with 2 herniated discs in my back and a heavy heart as my relationship I thought was going to lead to marriage ended (because of how dedicated I am to my work). … I SUPPORT independent media. I hope HA, Niko, and all the rest thrive. But if they mislead their audience, and I have the time to point it out, I will. If you don’t like that–too bad.”

You can watch House’s video response and a later response on Facebook in this next section, after Tim Black’s responses.

Tim Black and Niko House Have Spoken Out Passionately About Chariton’s Video

Tim Black and Niko House, who were also mentioned in Chariton’s video, have also spoken out. Chariton later said that he misspoke when he accidentally included Tim Black in his video. Black, meanwhile, has said on Twitter that he doesn’t really believe it was an accident.

Black reached out to Heavy and confirmed that he doesn’t believe his name was in Chariton’s video by accident.

“I’m 100 percent sure my name was not accidentally mentioned because HA and I do a show every Monday called No Sell Outs,” he said. “Jordan Chariton knows me well, in fact he’s been on my Tim Black At Night Show.”

He continued, telling Heavy how disappointed he was in the video and what has transpired:

“This is not over. This was the third time TYT has smeared HA Goodman and I… I have a huge problem with Jordan smearing me, launching the video, keeping it released, backpedaling later to say he mistaked me for another a random black man. Unacceptable.”

Black also shared a Facebook video addressing Chariton’s message. His original video, that was cut off, is here. This is his second video, with more details: (During his live stream below, he found out that Chariton had retracted his statement about Black. However, you can see from Black’s tweet above that he’s not sure if he believes the apology.)

Black started out in his video by sharing a bit about his background. Then he addressed Chariton’s video.

“You said that I’m click bait. You said that I’m…just spewing hate and I’m trying to build a base and a bunch of followers… He says he doesn’t want drama, but then he proceeds to do a 36-minute rant about people with a different opinion, but then he says Progressives should have different opinions…”

Black continued.

“I didn’t start talking about politics until I had 50,000 subscribers, with no network.” He said he didn’t start talking about politics until some millennials on his channel asked him to check out Bernie Sanders. He said he then made 100 videos promoting Bernie because he believed in Sanders and Progressivism. “Every step of the way, every stop, I was talking to people, telling them don’t give up, let’s keep fighting. Telling them don’t quick. That’s how I built a reputation. I didn’t build it on click bait… I didn’t build it on TYT… No one would know who you are without TYT. Build something from nothing. Build it with no names… Then tell me who uses what to get what.”

He then added: “You didn’t just make this about ideology, you said I’m fraudulent… I don’t care if you apologize, that cannot stand… We could have talked about it… That’s not how men roll. If you have an issue, you address me.”

“Do you think TYT helps independent media that’s not under its umbrella? … We’re out here struggling, can’t even get monetized, and you guys won’t even mention independent media. … You don’t mention all of us who are out here and have been speaking truth to power. … I’m not Bill O’Reilly, I’m not trying to stage a coup, I’m just trying to speak truth to power as I see it, based on the data … based on what I can confirm.”

Black then said about The Young Turks’ coverage of the DNC lawsuit:

“The DNC lawsuit is very important to us… This is the next biggest thing since the election of Trump… We believe that if this DNC lawsuit is successful, it will alter how the DNC has to conduct its primary. That’s huge… For you to say it’s just a different opinion… The biggest independent media network disses the DNC fraud lawsuit. … You should bash us if we didn’t bash it. … I would bash anyone…who mischaracterized the DNC fraud lawsuit.”

After his video was cut off, Black shared a second video on YouTube, explaining more about his reaction to Chariton, their background, how many times TYT has said something about Black before, and what happened:

Tim Black Responds To The Young Turks Jordan Chariton's Alternative Facts PT2TYT Politics' Jordan Chariton bashed Tim Black TV. Jordan held a Facebook Live Stream labeling my content as click bait, lies and luring viewers to attack TYT. This video is my response to Jordan Chariton and TYT. This is not the THIRD time a member of TYT has made unfounded accusations about the Tim Black…2017-05-05T07:36:01.000Z

Niko House also responded to being mentioned in Chariton’s video. Here is Niko House’s response to Chariton’s video:

He started out with complete transparency, saying that Chariton reached out to him this morning to amend things. But, House said, once you question someone’s integrity, that’s another thing entirely, because his integrity is most important to him. He went on to share a passionate video about his background, his recent struggles, and his response to Chariton’s video.

House addressed his own passion for journalism and honest reporting. He said, in part:

You report on Flint… But I know how they got there. I know why they can’t leave. … I appreciate you bringing light to that. … But I can predict what’s going to happen because I lived it… And I’ve been fortunate enough to receive both types of education… the white man’s education and I’ve lived my life as a black male. And I’ve lived my life as a political analyst and a debater. And I’ve seen my share of fights. And I’ve stopped my share of fights. … Don’t ever presume that you’re holier than thou because you can do some coverage… Don’t act like you know something because you got paid to be somewhere. God knows what I could do with the type of money you get to go places.”

House then added that this is about the Progressive movement, not ego, and even if someone isn’t doing something for the right reasons, they may still be helping.

He also addressed the struggles he’s gone through as an independent reporter.

“You get to get up, travel the country … and people listen. People don’t question whether you’re the media when you walk into the room. … When I went to Standing Rock…I went through hell to try to get a press pass.”

He ended the video with a heartfelt message.

“Why did you want to take me down? What inside you made you feel so defensive? I’m assuming you’re going through something personal, because what inside you made you so defensive? … I don’t care about it hurting you, I care about it hurting the movement… It’s the same story every time… What angers me … is that this is damaging to the movement. … At the end of the day, I don’t want the movement to be hurt, but I’m also going to tell the truth and I’m holding people accountable…as I do for myself.”

The video above is about 90 minutes long, so you’ll need to watch the whole thing to get the complete story.

On Saturday, House addressed a question about why he wasn’t working for Truth Against the Machine, and how he felt that he was being misrepresented. You can read his full note on Facebook here. Because the note can’t be embedded due to technical issues, we’ll share some quotes from what he wrote. He wrote that one of the administrators had claimed he was let go because he wouldn’t leave his apartment, but he was actually homeless at the time. He wrote, in part, “You wanted to knock me down right? … I was never going to call you out…Because the only thing it would do at best was cause an unnecessary rift in the movement. So you win. I was at my lowest financially. I was lucky if I even got to pull $100 for the week… I could only shower every other day. And I was delivering food hoping and praying that the order would be cancelled so I could eat for free that night and may afford a place to stay… Sorry I wasn’t dependable enough for you man…”

Now Some Progressives Are Taking Sides

Unfortunately, this disagreement is furthering the divide that Progressives were already experiencing. After the election, a number of different groups emerged trying to be the Progressive leader for the next elections. Our Revolution, Justice Democrats, Draft Bernie, and several other groups wanted to “rally the troops” and take over Congress. But so far, many of these groups haven’t been pooling resources and working together. Meanwhile, other Progressives split off from the Democratic Party entirely and moved to the Green Party. Some of them really want to continue working with non-establishment Democrats, even as they run campaigns of their own. But others want nothing to do with Democrats ever again, establishment or not.

Now, some Progressives are taking sides in the Chariton vs. Goodman debate. Here are a few responses online. First, here are some comments supporting Chariton:

And here are people supporting Goodman:

Meanwhile, others are concerned that the online battles between Goodman and Chariton may divide Progressives even more.

What do you think? Do you agree with Chariton or Goodman? Are you concerned this will divide Progressives more than they already are? Let us know in the comments below.

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