What Joe Lieberman Has Said About the Donald Trump Russia Investigation

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Joe Lieberman co-hosts SiriusXM’s No Labels Radio on May 5, 2015 in New York City. (Getty)

Former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman is reportedly the frontrunner to be the next director of the FBI. Lieberman would be replacing James Comey, who was fired by President Trump amid the FBI’s ongoing investigation of the Trump campaign’s links to Russia. So what has Lieberman said about this Russia investigation?

Just two months ago, on March 31st, 2017, Joe Lieberman was interviewed by Larry King, and Lieberman said that he felt there should be an independent commission put together to look into the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia because this is an inherently political issue.

“I don’t know – I hate to say this as a former member of Congress – that any Congressional committee can give this a credible investigation without getting into partisan disagreements,” Lieberman said.

He said a commission should be created similar to the commission that was set up to look into the September 11th terrorist attack. Lieberman went on to tell Larry King that he has no doubts that Russia tried to meddle in the election in some way.

“The American intelligence community has concluded on this one that the Russians did have a campaign to meddle in our election,” Lieberman said. “So that I take to be a fact based on an investigation by the American intelligence community. That’s shocking.”

However, Lieberman went on to say that the doesn’t believe that the Russians actually changed any vote tallies and that there’s little that could happen that would cause President Trump to be removed from office.

“I don’t think there’s any recourse that would, for instance, lead to the removal of President Trump from office,” Lieberman said. “The election is a historical fact. But if we conclude that the Russians really did meddle, and of course if there’s any proof that there’s collusion by people in the Trump administration, that would be a real threat….”

Lieberman said that he felt that Russia may have impacted the results of the election because information released through Wikileaks caused some people who had reservations about Trump to vote for him anyway over Hillary Clinton.

“The point is, did some of the information that came out of Wikileaks about the Clintons hurt the Clintons in the final weeks of the campaign? I think it did,” Lieberman said. “That’s just a personal opinion. Because it made Hillary and Bill Clinton seem again like insiders, self dealing, and people who were worried about Trump decided, let’s take a chance and vote for him for a change.”

Larry King asked Joe Lieberman if he agrees with Dick Cheney’s statement that Russia’s interference in the election is an act of war. Lieberman was hesitant to use that word.

Joe Lieberman and Larry King also talked about the then recent development that House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes had shared information with the White House, before informing the committee itself, about the incidental collection of communications of the Trump transition team by intelligence officials. Larry King said Nunes’ actions “made all of this suspect,” and Joe Lieberman agreed, saying, “It did.”

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So… who’s next in line behind Lieberman? You know!… since Dwayne Johnson has been talking politics, maybe someone should ask Dwayne who HE thinks would make a fine Director for the FBI!
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