Peter Selis: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

peter selis

Peter Selis’ job photo.

A car mechanic casually held a beer in one hand while shooting seven people – almost all non-whites – at a San Diego-area apartment complex pool.

An eighth man was injured as he fled the scene, and a ninth victim was shot at but not struck.

The mass shooter, who was shot to death by police, was identified as Peter Selis, 49, a white man who lived in the luxury apartment complex. Witnesses said he smirked as he calmly shot people after being invited to join the pool party. He was a service technician at a San Diego-area Ford car dealer whose life was crumbling under financial stress and a mountain of credit card debt. The Daily Beast reports the shooter – upset about a breakup with a girlfriend – told her he would go down “in a blaze of glory.”

According to police, the victims included three African-American females, one white female, two African-American males, one Hispanic male, and an African-American-male who broke his arm fleeing. The woman who was shot at but not struck was identified as a Hispanic female. Police initially misidentified the Caucasian female as African-American. Police have not yet labeled the mass shooting a hate crime, however, as they say Selis was “despondent” over a relationship break-up. That’s even though one witness said Selis spared a white victim.

Several of the victims were reportedly in critical condition after the April 30 shooting at the University City apartment complex, according to Fox 5 San Diego. It was later reported that one victim, a female, has died. Family members identified her as Monique Clark.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Selis Reloaded His Gun in the Pool Area While Holding a Beer & a Witness Described the Shootings as ‘Cold Blooded’

Witnesses described a “relaxed” looking gunman who clutched a beer in one hand while opening fire at multiple people with another. When he wasn’t spraying people with gunfire, he was saying to others “You can either leave or you can stay here and die,” reported the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Selis “was reportedly drinking a beer during the gunfire according to a witness who spoke to CBS News 8,” that television station reported. NBC7 interviewed a witness who said, “there’s a view of the pool area where we could see the shooter sitting there with a beer in one hand and the gun in the other. He looked pretty relaxed.”

Just that morning, Selis had taken his two daughters to breakfast and acted normal, reports The Daily Beast.

David Phillips told the San Diego Union-Tribune that the shooting erupted at his best friend’s birthday party and as he was returning from the bathroom. “He said he immediately got on the ground. His best friend was among those shot,” the newspaper reported, quoting Phillips as saying, “It was like the Twilight Zone. I really can’t explain what happened.”

Shahrayar Jeff told the newspaper that his “8-year-old granddaughter told him the man was sitting and drinking a beer and ‘relaxing and shooting,'” and Jeff labeled the mass shooting “very cold blooded” to the Union Tribune.

The suspect was “reloading his gun in the pool area,” a 911 dispatcher says in the initial audio from the scene. “People down.” The suspect was initially described in the dispatch audio as a white male, age 40. The shooting occurred at La Jolla Crossroads Apartments.

A witness told FOX 5 “he saw three people had been shot on a sidewalk at the apartment complex. He ran into the clubhouse and looked out the windows. He saw two other bloody people and one of them was crawling to the other trying to help.”

“We looked at the pool area where the shooter was sitting there with a beer in one hand and a gun in the other,” the witness said, according to FOX 5. “The suspect looked pretty relaxed, pretty relaxed.”

The police chief, Shelley Zimmerman, said in a press conference, that, shortly after 6 p.m. on April 30, “our communications division received numerous calls that several people had been shot in the pool area. The helicopter arrived on scene and saw that there were numerous victims in the pool area.”

She called the shooting spree a “spontaneous act of violence.”

2. The Shooter Targeted Only Non-White Victims & He Opened Fire at Police Too

The dispatch audio said that a 911 caller heard multiple gunshots and then people started screaming. Initial reports said two were shot, but the injury count increased.

It was later revealed that the gunman had shot all non-white victims, although the motive is under investigation.

According to the police chief, eight people were transported to the hospital. They were: four African- American females, all shot; two African-American males; 1 Hispanic male; and 1 African-American male who broke his arm “fleeing the gunfire.” That account was later changed to correct the fact that one of the females was in fact Caucasian and that a nine person was shot at but not hit.

“It is with extremely sad heart that we report that one of the females has passed away,” the chief said.

Police, though, are stopping short of labeling the mass shooting a hate crime, and they say it’s not yet clear whether Selis knew any of the victims. “We have zero information that this was racially motivated,” the chief said on May 1.

Police shot the gunman to death when he started firing in their direction.

“The suspect pointed the gun at our officers and three of our officers fired on the suspect and the suspect went down and the suspect is deceased,” San Diego Police chief Shelley Zimmerman said in a news conference.

The chief said a police helicopter pilot saw the suspect was still in the pool area and was armed with a handgun.

Three officers arrived, and the “suspect was reloading and shooting into the party goers for this pool party. The sergeant and two officers went to the pool area, confronted the suspect, who was still armed,” Zimmerman said. She said officers then shot and killed Selis.

Police now say the shooter and his girlfriend had broken up a few days before the shooting spree and a despondent Selis “even called the girlfriend on his cell phone during the bloodshed because he wanted her to ‘listen in’ and be a part of the senseless violence,” reported The New York Daily News.

3. The Shooter, a Car Mechanic, Had Filed for Bankruptcy & Had a Series of Marriages

Part of Peter Selis’ bankruptcy filing.

Selis’ court history shows that he was collapsing under the weight of financial problems, including a mountain of credit card debt. However, he had no past known criminal record. The Daily Beast reports he had troubles with alcohol and gambling.

San Diego court records show a legal separation with minor children in the marriage of Peter Selis and his wife, Michelle Selis, that dates to 2008. There is a 2013 wedding registry at Macy’s for Peter Selis and a woman named Patricia Martinez. Her Facebook page does not carry any mention of him, however. Peter Selis’ own Facebook page appears to have been deleted.

Peter Selis also had a 1998 family court case from Idaho labeled “reciprocal support family law.”

A 2015 Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing exists in the name of Peter Raymond Selis and lists as a joint debtor, his spouse, Patricia Martinez. The filing listed assets of $14,100 and liabilities of $108,028. See:

The current monthly income of the debtors was listed as $4,496 and expenses at $3,896. The filing says Selis owed $10,200 in taxes and other debts owed to governmental units. Household goods and furnishings were described as “usual and customary nothing over $400.” A 2013 Ford Escape was listed that was worth $12,000.

There was also a listing of an “estimated sales tax liability of estranged wife.” The debts included a series of credit cards and health expenses such as “collection attorney radiology medical group.”

The bankruptcy filing said Peter Selis worked as a “car mechanic” for Mossy Ford, Inc. in San Diego and had been employed there for five years. The 2015 filing said he had, at that time, a 12-year-old daughter, 16-year-old son, and 19-year-old stepson. He earned $74,676 a year in 2014 from Mossy Ford.

There was also a 2009 bankruptcy filing. It is only in Selis’ name and lists liabilities exceeding $400,000. That filing said Selis had a rental property and lists liens for specialized mechanics’ tools. Before San Diego, he lived in Poway, California. That filing listed him as unmarried.

Facebook posts show the killer was from a large family well entrenched in the San Diego area.

4. Video Captured the Sounds of Gunfire & Shooting Scene

One man captured the steady sound of gunfire on a cell phone video as he stood at his apartment window. (Listen and watch above.)

A video that captured some of the shooting sounds was also posted to Snapchat:

Other videos showed the massive law enforcement response, as well as people sitting on the side of the road on curbs.

5. The Gunman Opened Fire at a Birthday Party After Being Invited to Join & May Have Fired Dozens of Shots

NBC 7 spoke to a witness who recounted how the “suspect walked into the pool area where friends were celebrating one of the tenants’ 50th birthday party.”

The witness told the television station that “the tenant who was celebrating his birthday walked up to the shooter, who seemed to be acting strangely. When he invited the suspect to join the celebration, the suspect lifted up his shirt, took out the gun and shot him in the stomach. He continued shooting people until he was out of bullets, according to the witness.”

According to ABC7, “The gunman apparently opened fire at a birthday party in the pool area of a complex in the University City area of San Diego around 6 p.m. Officers spotted the gunman still armed at the scene and engaged with him.”

10News reported that the woman who died was attending a birthday party.

The police chief confirmed in the news conference that the shooting occurred at a “large birthday party.” She said the party was occurring in the pool area of the apartment complex.

Witnessed described hearing 30-40 shots, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune, and said the shooting scene resembled a war zone.


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White people always have the most trouble seeing things for what they are, instead they always rush to defend their “whiteness”. You people in this thread are sick, just mentally ill. This guy was a monster and I’m glad he met his fate. You are a terrorist when you take the life of innocent people, and then to show no remorse? what a devil. This was cold murder and all you sick people can talk about is how the article is racially driven. In fact, the article spends more time defending how troubled the man’s life was supposedly, however making 69,000 year and having won bankruptcy isn’t very troubling compared to people who actually have nothing. This man was a selfish piece of shit, it is unfornunate that all of those people were injured and three children lost their mother, but I’m glad this scumbag was put “out of his misery”.

The One

Another nutter goes off. Everyone looks for the excuses. Race, Trump, political BS of every stripe but the real answer is simple. He was mentally ill and lost his sh:t on innocent people. They invited him to the party like good neighbors and got slaughtered for their kindness. This sick individual brought his weapon and calmly sipped a beer while he butchered his neighbors to satisfy his lust for blood and vengeance upon others for a life gone sour. This bitter maniac who caused unimaginable pain had no real reasons why he did it, except the delusions in his sick mind. Trying to second guess the motives as racist or political is just as evil and disingenuous as his thoughtless butchery. Such expressions only divide us further and set up future mayhem. We should instead all come together to help those who were affected instead of laying blame on our phantom issues…


I understand what you mean, but have you read comments on the internet lately? People have been spewing very venomous racism after Trump won


Look Jessica, This was not a hate crime, I knew the man and he was not racist, he did not smirk, he made a terrible mistake and unfairly/unjustly killed innoecnt people. He was a depressed, ditraught man who was not in the right mindset. This was in no way a black-hate crime and no he did not spare a white life. He killed indiscriminately.


Police: no evidence it was racially motivated
Heavy: he only shot non white people
Police: again we know nothing about his motive
Heavy: sketchy unnamed source says he let a white dude leave
Police: we know nothing about why he did this at this time
Heavy: just want to say again he only shot people who aren’t white

Way to be responsible in your reporting guys.


His wife are GF is Hispanic. Hold your horses people. Perhaps all the people at the pool happened to be non white. It’s hypocritical that when a black or hispanic person hurts a white person, it’s not a hate crime.


the party was a group of African Americans, it was just an unfortunate coincidence


Impressed with how fast they figured out the reasoning for his actions: ‘he was in debt to the gills’. And quickly gathered within one day, all his bankruptcy filing documents, set out for public display. And he was “shooting at only – all non-whites – “….very PC “reporting” . “The suspect looked pretty relaxed, pretty relaxed.”….really?


So they say it’s not a hate crime what the f*** is it all black when is it not a hate crime if that would have been a black man shooting at a all white pool party and that was one black at the party it would have been a hate crime get the f*** out of here


I agree, you’re a shock journalist. Race-Baiting already. You don’t know DICK about the motive yet. Until you do, you are just another Schlock journalist.


People. If he ain’t got no problem with race, why he only shoot minorities than? He white!


Should have saved a round for the one that shot the portrait-oriented telephone video.


“assets of $14,100 and liabilities of $108,028”? Living beyond his means. Dope grease monkey.


So was it ever confirmed if he was relaxed and had a beer in one hand with a gun in the other?


What? No mention of what kind of gun it was? Couldn’t possibly be a rifle, or the headlines would’ve blaze with ‘ASSAULT RIFLE’. And no, we don’t need gun control, we need a$$hole control. This guy was going to take people out no matter how he had to do it. He’s have used a knife if needed. And why do they assume it was race related? How many white people were at the pool? How about some investigative reporting for once instead of throwing race around and race baiting? His GF was Hispanic. So I doubt he had a problem with race. He was just one f u c k e d up individual who decided to take a bunch of people out with him. Selfish turd should’ve just shot himself.


This system is utter BS. It’s designed to enrich a few biological and inheritance lottery winners on the backs of most of us. It uses humanity, treats A complete trash system.

Shawn Vegas (@Untouchable2K)

” According to police, the victims included four African-American females, two African-American males, one Hispanic male, and an African-American-male “. I highly doubt it was the police who said that. I’m sure were the ones who is bringing up so called ‘race” when it has nothing to do with anything. Is it that difficult to say 8 people were shot and one female died?


We see the terrorist here was not brown-Islamic or African American. Reality is, most mass shootings are carried out by “white” people in this country. So why the ban? They live here!


hope we see a lot more of this very soon. white people have been pushed to the edge and its time for the pendulum to come crashing back ;)


Ever been around a large minority party anywhere? I imagine there is one everyday in a large apt complex.Like Travis Bickle said “Here is a man who would not take it anymore”.


Bet it turns out that he shot them because he asked them to keep the noise down and they refused. Guy was likely already having a really bad day, and this was the last straw. More conflicts are caused by loud noise in apartments, than any other thing.


I was thinking that too. Buncha boom box noise, melon rinds and chicken bones thrown everywhere. Make a person snap.


shooter last name is SELIS and was married to a MARTINEZ… he’s hispanic you moron….. you think hispanics are white now? but when it comes to immigration they arent white right? so if hispanics are now white, according to you, then how can building a wall be racist? lol it would just keep all those white hispanics from mexico out? hypocrite lmao


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