PHOTOS&VIDEOS: May Day Protests Get Violent in Olympia and Portland

May Day protests in Olympia, Washington and Portland, Oregon both turned into riots on Monday. The Associated Press reports that police say protesters threw rocks, smoke bombs, Molotov cocktails and other items. Olympia Police arrested at least 10 people, and say that area businesses had their windows broken.

In Portland, Oregon, NBCNews reporter Alex Johnson said that police canceled protest permits around 4:30 that afternoon (local time) and advised people to stay out of the downtown area, saying, “If you do not need to come to Downtown Portland, please stay away. May Day is now considered a riot.”

A Target store in downtown Portland had its broken windows temporarily covered with pieces of plywood.

Olympia police also said “This is a riot” when describing events in their town. King 5 News in Seattle saw police boarding up windows the windows of a downtown bank, presumably to prevent them from being broken.

At 7:42 p.m. local time (10:42 on the east coast), the Olympia police department tweeted the warning “We are arresting people. This mob must disperse. If you are part of it, leave or be subject to arrest and/or use of force.”

Kevin McCarty from KIRO 7 Eyewitness News posted footage of what he called “the beginning of the Olympia riot. An angry confrontation between black-cad demonstrators and people on the street.”

McCarty also said that marchers threw hot dogs and beer cans at journalists covering the event.

The Seattle Times reports that, according to Olympia police, news crews and local-business customers were both being targeted by protesters.

Multiple business in the downtown area had their windows broken, though KOMO News reports that, other than two injured police officers, nobody else was hurt.

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