WATCH: Man in Wheelchair Assaults Man in Airport for Speaking Spanish, Not English

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A man named Michael, who is wheelchair bound, cussed out and attacked a Hispanic man for speaking Spanish to his mother on the phone in an airport. The man then makes racist remarks. The man filming the video is never shown but claims to be Puerto Rican. Both men claim to be military in the video.

The airport shown appears to be in Nevada as slot machines can be seen in the background.

The video begins with the man filming defending himself for speaking in Spanish. Michael, who the video filmer refers to as “Mike,” repeatedly tells him to shut up and adds, “This f*cking sp*c can kiss my *ss.”

He then flicks the Spanish-speaker off and assaults him with his crutches.

The intensity of the situation grows with Michael continually leaving and coming back to hurl obscenities at the man filming his meltdown.

Eventually, Michael’s wife, who is also wheelchair bound, tries to defuse the situation. She fails.

Michael later claims that the man filming is attacking him.

At the end of the video, airport security intervenes. A police officer pulls the man filming aside to ask him what’s going on. Another man on camera says, “I can’t believe it took so long for security to get here.”

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