WATCH: Donald Trump Calls FBI Investigation a ‘Witch Hunt’

Donald Trump impeachment, Will Trump be impeached


President Donald Trump doubled-down on a tweet earlier in the day Thursday and called the ongoing federal investigation against his campaign a “witch hunt.”

Trump was giving a joint press conference with Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos when it was opened up for questions from reporters.

The first one was by ABC News’ Jon Karl, who asked Trump what he thought about Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointing a special investigator to the FBI investigation of Russian interference into the 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump said that he “respects” the move, but believes that it’s been a “witch hunt.” He added that there’s been absolutely “no collusion” in the matter and that the investigation “hurts our country terribly.”

Watch a video of Trump’s remarks at the press conference below:

Trump’s words come after he sent out a tweet Thursday morning calling the surrounding investigation of his administration “the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history.”

Trump also said at the press conference that he was close to choosing a new FBI director to replace James Comey, who was fired May 9. Former vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman is reportedly one of the top candidates.

The comments by Trump come one day after he released a brief statement following the Department of Justice naming former director Robert Mueller as its special counsel.

“A thorough investigation will confirm what we already know — there was no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity,” the president said.

A couple hours before Trump took the podium with Santos, he met with news anchors at the White House and called the appointment of Mueller a “very, very negative thing.”


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With the millions of dollars the Democrats have spent of the taxpayers money they have no proof ?
They had a fisa warrant which was issued by the Obama Administration !
And why was this warrant issued ?
Because Obama knew about Michael Flynn all along.
That’s why Michael Flynn is refusing to testify !
Michael Flynn knows that Obama and the Democratic party used him to befriend Trump ..
And now it’s backfiring on them !!
As an American citizen once this Witch Hunt is over, I am going to file a class action lawsuit against the Democratic party and those involved ,for misappropriation of federal and state funding .
And whatever else lae I can think of, that they have violated !


Obama didn’t like Flynn because Flynn is a hot-head, and his aggressive, sometimes independent opinions created waves. That’s why he was fired, and that’s what Obama was warning Trump about, until there was money involved. Now Flynn is refusing to testify because he was supposed to report to the US Government that he had received foreign money – and as a result, he was granted security clearance by the Obama Administration. That’s why he’s asking for immunity.

But with respect to Flynn’s relationship with the Russians, this doesn’t mean anything. The crime being investigated is whether Flynn colluded with Russians to hack the DNC. That small action is going to be impossible to prove, as people with much stronger relationships – the hackers neighbors, friends, and family – had no part in the hacking, either.


The real problem is that John Podesta and the DNC didn’t take adequate security measures. I also understand that the DNC has refused to let the FBI take a look at the servers that were compromised.

Dear DNC: Quite obstructing Justice – give up the servers and let the FBI do its job!

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