WATCH: Hillary Clinton Speaks at Women for Women International

2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was interviewed at a Women for Women International event this afternoon, and during the interview, she said that she would have won the election if it were not for the interference of Russia and FBI Director James Comey.

During the conference, Christiane Amanpour asked Hillary Clinton if she believes misogyny played a role in the 2016 election result. Clinton smirked and said that yes, it definitely played a role, although she pointed to other factors as well.

“It is real, it is very much a part of the landscape, politically, socially and economically…” Clinton said of misogyny. “…Yes, it was a role in this election.”

Clinton said that the Donald Trump campaign’s goals seemed to line up perfectly with the goals of Vladimir Putin.

“If you chart my opponent and his campaign and his statements, they quite coordinate with the goals of that leader who shall remain nameless,” Clinton said, with the leader she was talking about being Putin.

When asked if she takes any personal responsibility for the election loss, Clinton said that she does.

“Of course, I take absolute personal responsibility,” she said. “I was the candidate. I was the person who was on the ballot. I am very aware of the challenges, the problems, the shortfalls that we had.”

However, Clinton went on to say that she likely would have won the election if it were not for the actions of the Russians and of FBI Director James Comey.

“The reason why I believe we lost is the intervening events in the last 10 days,” Clinton said.

Clinton said that her message of adding onto what President Obama accomplished wasn’t as “exciting” as Donald Trump’s message of throwing everything out and starting over again.

Hillary Clinton was also asked what message it would have sent overseas if she were elected as the first female president.

“I think it would have been a really big deal,” Clinton said. “…Partly here at home, there were important messages that that could have sent to our daughters, granddaughters and sons, but I think especially internationally…”

Outside of the election discussion, Christiane Amanpour asked Hillary Clinton for her thoughts on Donald Trump saying he would be honored to meet with Kim Jong-un. Clinton said that negotiations with countries like North Korea are critical but that Donald Trump’s approach seems to be impulsive and lacking strategy.

“Negotiations are critical, but they have to be part of a broader strategy, not just thrown up as part of a tweet one morning,” Clinton said.

Christiane Amanpour then asked Clinton about whether she supported the Syrian air strike and whether she thinks it made much of a difference.

“I didn’t publicly support it because that wasn’t my role, but I did support it,” Clinton said. “But I’m not convinced that it really made much of a difference. I’m not sure what kind of potentially backroom deals were made with the Russians.”

Finally, Clinton revealed that she is writing a book right now about the campaign, which will come out in the fall.

“It is a painful process reliving the campaign,” Clinton said.


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Serious question, please explain to me the war on women.
Planned Parenthood: they out source woman healthcare. They provide only one thing different than most clinics, abortion. This is coming from a pro-choice individual. I do however have a problem with aborting past 3 months and using it as birth control. Income equality: it comes down to your education, experience and field. In my work area I was the last hired, I am 50, I am female, I have my masters, I am paid more male counterparts. It has always been this way in every field I have been. Retail, Social Services, Management, and now Business services. So either I have been lucky or smart in my choices.


The name of the game is to kill Americans. less Americans the easier it is for immigrants to get a free ride you don’t see immigrants come into the United States and aborting their children do you


No I don’t see immigrants coming to the United States supporting their children United States with open arms except these immigrants .
But Planned Parenthood wants to convince Americans to kill another American.

Miss Independent

Dare I say I’m getting used to Trump?!? That’s a statement, for me. This woman is so annoying. I voted for her but, what choice did I have? The idiot who knows nothing about history, how to be a President, how to NOT have the rest of the world laugh and hate us. The list is too long…BUT, Hillary Clinton would have brought her own selfish agenda. It was a coin toss, really. I’m a woman too, and I’m sick and tired of hearing about JUST women’s issues from her. There’s a lot going wrong in this world that we’re a part of. Including things that need to be fixed here, at home. It’s not just about women, Hillary. And that’s about ALL she was shouting out for. Maybe she can’t get speaking engagements anywhere but women’s functions.


Miss Independent – Trump is an expert on the economy, investment, construction, manufacturing, and business in general. Before you are embarrassed for him about not knowing some presidential history, think about his skill-set – putting the middle-class to work. He had employed 20,000 people last year, and 43% of those were women (8,600 women) – with more women executives than men, and in cases where women and men were in similar positions, the women made more money. Trump’s expertise in the fields I mentioned above are cemented by the fact that he was invited to give congressional testimony on issues relevant to these fields. Oh, and did you know that Trump helped to revitalize Harlem? Yep. That’s how he will deliver on his campaign promise to revitalize the inner cities, connecting manufacturing and infrastructure with better trade deals.

1991 – Housing and Real Estate drives Economy

1998, 1999 – Bringing Minorities into Corporate America – Listen to what Rev. Jesse Jackson says about him @40 seconds

2005 – Infrastructure and Public Works, cutting waste, fraud, and abuse, his projections on cost vs time for this project came true.

2010 – Encouraging business development


and???? During his campaign for president, Donald Trump told us that he was going to represent the working families of our country, that he was going to take on the establishment. He said: “I’m not going to let Wall Street get away with murder. Wall Street has caused tremendous problems for us.” But that was just another lie. Trump and his Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, are on the side of Wall Street—not the working people of this country.


Every tax-payer in the US will get a tax break because Trump’s plan literally doubles the personal exemption. You won’t be taxed on the first $25,400 yeu make. Do you honestly care if Obama, his Wall Street buddies that are paying him $400K, are getting tax breaks too?
Personally, I don’t how much others earn or how much tax they pay. I control my own life and I can keep striving to earn more. When I think I can earn more, I make phone calls, interview, and change jobs.. The best way to get paid what you are worth is usually by changing jobs.


Trump is an expert on nothing– except how to get tax breaks and sue people. He has a third grade reading level — if that. He has the vocabulary and maturity of a third grader as well.


I’m a woman and I would never vote for Hillary Clinton .
I used to be a Democrat , until an employee at CNN gave Hillary Clinton the questions to the debate . I knew then my Democrat days were over.
I knew, I could never vote for a liar and now would cheat.

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